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212 pages
Sep 2010

Danger Calling (Youth Edition)

by Peb Jackson & James Lund

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In Danger Calling (Youth Edition) by Peb Jackson and James Lund, the reader is both amazed and challenged. This book is filled with sixteen adventure stories of men who faced impossible odds and overcame them (or died honorably in trying). These stories are designed to engage readers with daring true accounts and also make the readers wonder if they could do the same as these brave men.

Each chapter starts with an incredible true story about men who perform remarkably in a terrible situation. After each story, there is a question section. These questions are very in-depth and make you take an honest look at your own life. There is also a spot for additional resources if you want to read further into that certain story. This book is divided into four categories: stories about sacrifice, perseverance, courage, and leadership. One of the two authors, Peb Jackson, is an outdoorsman who loves thrilling adventures such as these, which gives him the credentials to tell everyone about other people’s life-and-death encounters (There is even a story in this book about one of his experiences).

The most gruesome story in the book is found in the last chapter. It tells about an airplane that crashed in a remote part of Chile. High mountains surrounded the survivors, so their search party never found them. With no food left, the survivors were starving. They were forced to eat the only thing left: the people who didn’t survive the crash. Eventually, a courageous teenager named Nando climbed over the mountains and found help, saving them all. While this story is depressing, one young man had hope, and he rescued everyone. Joshua 1:9 seems to apply to this situation: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Overall, this book is full of memorable stories that challenge readers to evaluate their own lives. Filled with good, clear writing and stories that will get your heart thumping, this book is for all men who love good adventure stories that will have them on the edge of their seats. Highly recommended. – Jonathan Hausler,

Book Jacket:

Available in both an adult and a youth edition, Danger Calling features 16 true stories that take readers on a high-adrenaline ride--from the depths of the sea to the top of Mount Everest and everywhere in between--and pose provocative questions that move men and teen boys forward in their lives and faith. Danger Calling challenges readers to discover if they are truly living out God's game plan for their lives: Would you stop to help a climber in the "death zone" on Everest? What is your source of strength in a crisis? Could you lead others into battle knowing some are likely to die? To what challenge is God summoning you right now? Each story thrills and engages. Each set of questions challenges readers to discover who they are, where they stand in their faith, and whether God is calling them to a life of greater risks and deeper meaning. The youth edition contains a combination of eight stories of youth adventures, as well as eight from the adult version. Both books are perfect for small group use and include study questions with each chapter.