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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Nov 2003

If Mama Goes South, We're All Going With Her

by Lindsey OConnor

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"Lindsey is a one-in-a-million type of woman. She has a warm wit, a charming writing style, and personal integrity, so reading any of her books is like having coffee with a best friend. Women are sure to be blessed and encouraged." -- Pam Farrel, co-author, Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti; The treasure Inside Your Child; and Woman of Influence

"Finally, there is hope for desperate women! If Mama Goes South, We're All Going with Her is filled with hands-on help for people like me who are caught in the middle of trying to survive while failing in my attempts to please people, tone my body, refresh my soul, and do something productive with my creativity. Reading this book will make you laugh out loud while exercising your brain and strengthening your spiritual muscle. The result is positive transformation!" -- Carol Kent, president, Speak Up Speaker Services

"Attention Stressed Out Mamas: Buying this book may be beneficial to your mothering heart! As well as body, spirit, and soul. Snap it up! Send yourself (with book) to Mama Time-Out and relax as Lindsey O'Conner guides you toward a less stressful, less frustrating, and more deeply rewarding reality as a woman and mother." -- Julie Ann Barnhill, author of She's Gonna Blow! Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger, Til Debt Do Us Part, and Scandalous Grace

"What a precious book that shares the importance of living out and passing on a spiritual legacy to the next generation! Lindsey's sincere heart shares about real areas in our lives that we need to grow in and she gives life applications with God's help that will assist us. Every woman needs to read this book to be encouraged in their walk with God." -- Lori Beckler, co-founder Heritage Keepers

"With deep spiritual insight Lindsey O'Connor is able to encourage and teach her Christian sisters in all area of our lives, especially motherhood. If Mama Goes South, We're All Going with Her is written on a deep spiritual level, but is also filled with plenty of humor and so much honesty that makes every mother and grandmother feel that she can truly learn and benefit from its heartfelt advice. Having lived an extraordinary live filled with suffering and the miraculous Lindsey is able to speak from the heart with such insight into motherhood that I was often moved to tears as each of the chapters unfolded. Her stories are inspirational and compelling." -- Susan Wales, writer and producer, co-author of The Chase and The Match Made in Heaven series

Book Jacket:

Feel like you need a vacation?

In the midst of demands and responsibilities of motherhood, you become worn out. You can't image how you can give anything more to anyone else. You may feel like you're "going south" physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Lindsey O'Connor reminds you that you don't have to feel depleted. With God's help you can change the direction of your life-from the southern hemisphere of lost potential and discontent to an intentional life rich with growth.

Besides, you only want to go south if it's Aruba!