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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Jul 2003
Baker / Revel

Parenting at Its Best: How to Raise Children with a Passion for Life

by Fred Hartley

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"Fred Hartley shows us that, if our culture is to survive, our homes must be a wellspring of faith, hope, and love-and parents must take responsibility to love their children as God loves us." --Ravi Zacharias, best-selling author

"This is a beautifully written book with excellent practical examples. I can hardly wait to give a copy to each of my four grown children!" --Karen Mains, author and co-director of Mainstay Ministries

Book Jacket:

As a father of four, Fred Hartley believes parents often invest in too many "good" things for their children while neglecting the best. Effective parenting requires something moms and dad already possess: the ability to answer every child's heart cry for three essential needs-acceptance, affection, and affirmation. By exercising this ability, you can raise kids who feel loved and can then love others, kids who have a passion for life, and kids who can make great contributions to our world.

Parenting at Its Best blends warm, real-life stories with compelling advice to help you meet your children's core needs and ease them into maturity. Each chapter includes an inspiring vignette by one of the author's grown children, revealing how a heart's longing was answered-and offering encouraging insights for you.