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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Feb 2004

Deadly Aim

by Patricia H. Rushford

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“Patricia Rushford introduces you to Angel Delaney, a female cop whose world begins to crumble after she is forced to take Deadly Aim and shoot a twelve-year-old. While the media names her a racist and the African-American community vows revenge, Angel struggles with a family crisis, a boyfriend wanting something more permenant, and the nagging thought that she fired only once, not three times.

“Her investigating while on administrative leave irks Detective Callen Riley, who is already puzzled by stolen evidence. Then Angel is blamed for a second murder, and Callen realizes his heart isn’t as impartial as his mind.

“Expertly mingling their stories with that of a drug dealer who calls himself Duke, Rushford treads a careful line between suspense, romance, and the healing of past pain to create a mystery that’s much more. The finely honed characters play their parts with precision. Angel is a tough cop who does what she needs to through circumstances that would crush someone weaker, yet her emotional side is never far from the surface. Callen tries to keep a distance between his profession and his personal life, as he continues to grieve his wife’s death and readjust to life in Sunset Cove, but this case puts him on edge. Recommended for mystery and romance buffs, and anyone who enjoys a good story.” -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Angel Delaney puts up a tough front-as a female police officer she must. She works for peace in her coastal Oregon town, but loathes the means she must sometimes use to get it. So when her line of duty requires her to use deadly force against a twelve-year-old boy, Angel's world begins to crumble.

The community wants answers, and Angel is dismayed to find that the media portrays her as a racist, a rogue cop, and a menace. While she works to clear her name and her conscience, the investigation into her use of deadly force creates more questions than answers.

The detective working on Angel's case, has his hands full when crucial evidence disappears and other people are found murdered. Do these killings relate to the boy's death? Is Angel next?