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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Jan 2005
Revell Books

The Heart of Thornton Creek

by Bonnie Leon

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Book Jacket:

From Boston to the Outback, the freedom she wanted, wasn't easy to find.

Growing up in late 1800s Boston, Rebecca Williams was raised to be independent, adventurous, strong willed, and capable. But when she leaves the stylish streets of her beloved hometown to follow her new husband to his native Queensland, she soon discovers that the same qualities that earned her respect among her friends and family in Boston don't mix with the way of life in the arid backcountry of Australia.

Though wary of her new surroundings, which seem so foreign to the life she once knew and loved, Rebecca is determined to make a go of it-and earn the respect of her new father-in-law at the same time. But this seemingly simple task turns out to be much more difficult than she could ever expect.

Seeking only acceptance for who she is and the freedom to be that person, Rebecca finds her relationship with her new husband challenged and her faith tested. As conflict simmers in the heat of Australia's rugged bush, young Rebecca can only pray for courage to endure and faith to love-against all odds. Can Rebecca adjust to her unfamiliar surroundings? Can she learn to love her new husband and family? Or will her determination and independence lead her to devastating loss?