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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Feb 2004

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Susan Wales is a woman of extremely diverse talents. She has been everything a baton twirling majorette, a real estate agent, a popular workshop instructor, a best-selling nonfiction book author, a wife, and a mom. As such, it should surprise no one that she now has combined her talents with short story writer Robin Shope to produce a crackerjack suspense novel.

"The Chase focuses on Jill Lewis, an investigative journalist with more street savvy and personal drive than Lois Lane and Brenda Starr combined. However, when Jill goes up against the ruthless Senator Tom Burke right in his arena, Washington, D.C., she discovers that she is no match for his millions and his political connections. Jill's scoop story about Burke's black market baby-smuggling network blows up in her face when Burke 'convinces' Jill's informants to recant their 'on the record' statements to her. Jill is fired from her job as lead investigative reporter at the Washington Gazette, and the paper prints a retraction of her story and a formal apology to Sen. Tom Burke.

"Banned from Washington, Jill retreats to her hometown of Delavan, Wisconsin, where she finds work on a small weekly newspaper. Spurred to action by her anger and shame, she begins her climb back to the top. Using all of her journalistic abrasiveness and aggression, she begins to uncover new stories, new trails of evidence, and new roads back to D.C. Along the way, she encounters a series of intriguing men who awaken her feminine yearnings. She also finds that her early Christian training may have been buried in her subconscious, but it has never left her. God is there when she needs Him most.

"This novel is so fast-paced and entertaining, it very well may one day become a movie. And since Susan Wales is the wife of television and motion picture director and producer Ken Wales (Christy, The Pink Panther), the possibility of that is very real. What next, Susan, screenwriting?" -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

Jill Lewis is known to her colleagues in Washington, D.C., as a tough investigative reporter-someone who pulls out all the stops to expose the political underworld of Capitol Hill. But when she breaks what should be the biggest story of her life, Jill is bewildered to find herself out of a job and sent packing. Returning to her hometown of Delavan, Wisconsin, to lick her wounds, she must settle for work at the town's small weekly newspaper.

Jill is afraid the very tameness of her new life will be enough to send her over the edge. But the former Washington Gazette star soon finds herself caught up in a chilling race to uncover the evidence that will help her reclaim her job, preserve her family's reputation, and save her life. The Chase is on and Jill can't afford to lose.