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Mass Paperback
208 pages
Apr 2006
Spire Books

Prayer Works

by Brother Andrew

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In its third printing, Brother Andrew’s 196-page paperback book, Prayer Works, calls powerfully for every Christian to engage in serious, persistent, passionate prayer. Brother Andrew’s passion for the lost is inspiring all throughout the book, especially as he shares his heart and experiences while becoming a man of prayer. “In recent years,” he writes, “I have learned that the most challenging aspect of prayer – real intercessory prayer, that is – is being able to love with sacrificial compassion those for whom we pray. And where else can we learn that but on our knees?” (6)

Brother Andrew encourages the reader to take prayer seriously and pray to change the world. “We believed, and I still do, that we should be praying for big things – for the souls of men and the destiny of nations – not for a better refrigerator or a nicer car.” (91) These and other very convicting words are a much needed call for Christians to believe in and depend upon prayer.

There are some elements of the book, however, that necessitate a strong warning to would-be readers. Brother Andrew frequently speaks of “changing God’s mind” through prayer. This is a very dangerous theological avenue to travel down because this type of thinking ultimately leads the reader toward unbiblical thoughts about the sovereignty of God. Brother Andrew also provides some very poor interpretations of major passages in the Bible (such as Job’s response to suffering on pages 19-20, Moses’ response to the golden calf on pages 32-33, and Jesus in the Garden on pages 56-57).

Because of the theological and interpretative problems, young Christians should probably be steered to other books on prayer, such as E. M. Bounds Power Through Prayer, or The Necessity of Prayer. – James Billings, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Can prayer really change God's mind?
Doesn't God already know what is going to happen?
Hasn't He already decided what He intends to do?

These are the questions best-selling author Brother Andrew explores in this thought-provoking book. He will show you how to

  • listen and talk to God
  • differentiate between personal and intercessory prayer
  • see God's viewpoint and purposes
  • wait for God to act
  • respond when God says no

Using illustrations from Scripture as well as deep insight and practical advice gleaned from his own ministry, Brother Andrew shows that prayer can-and does-change the world. But above all, it can change you. Join Brother Andrew on a journey into a dramatically different kind of prayer.