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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Apr 2005
Baker Books

Being Sick Well: Joyful Living Despite Chronic Illness

by Jeffrey H. Boyd

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Being Sick Well by Jeffrey H. Boyd is a survival book and much more for those with chronic illnesses. In America today, at least 45 percent have a chronic illness. Dr. Boyd defines chronic illnesses as "those that 'are prolonged, do not resolve spontaneously, and are rarely cured completely.' " He sights everything from high blood pressure to fibromyalgia to M.S.

Yet despite much ongoing pain and suffering, many of these people maintain a joyful spirit. How do they do it? What is the secret? Dr. Boyd himself has suffered from major depression since early childhood. He calls all that he learned from writing this book "the best medicine yet."

Dr. Boyd offers twenty points or "secrets" that he discovered as he interviewed thousands of people, many of them his own patients. Some of the secrets include: cultivate your social network; don't dwell on your illness; adopt a positive attitude; exercise as much as you can; and use spiritual coping. He uses many individuals' stories to illustrate the points.

This book is packed with information, but is also inspiring. It is a book that will encourage the chronically ill and help those who are not to relate better to them. I have several friends and a spouse with chronic illnesses and have greatly appreciated this book. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

45 percent of Americans suffer from a chronic illness. Are you one of them?

Whether it's back pain or something more serious, chronic illness doesn't have to rule your life. In Being Sick Well, Jeffrey H. Boyd addresses four main causes for chronic illness and uses case histories, personal testimonies, and a variety of resources to illustrate eloquently not just how to cope, but how to live joyfully even in sickness.

From exciting accounts of wheelchair rugby games to stories of faith in spite of great pain, Being Sick Well will prove that chronic illness doesn't have to define who you are or how you live. Boyd's lively and engaging style will encourage you to reclaim your joy and your life.