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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Nov 2004
Baker Academic

The Drama Of Scripture: Finding Our Place In The Biblical Story

by Craig G. Bartholomew & M. Goheen

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The greatest story ever told! A manifold, cohesive history, The Drama of Scripture reaches from Genesis to Revelation, and guess who is right in the middle of it all -- you and me. The stated aim of the authors forms the web of the narrative: to give an understanding of the true nature of scripture, God's story, the true story of the world, and to help it become the foundation for human life.* Genesis one immediately introduces the biblical understanding of humanity, the effects of sin on each of us, and God's plan for restoration. The dynamic story continues, growing out of the preceding, clarifying, broadening, presenting more and more of God's plan. Following both these threads--man's bent to sin and God's plan--the impetus moves from Adam and Eve on to Abraham, the Exodus, the Kingdom, and the diaspora, then through the intertestamental period. The story continues to develop. We see God's plan coming to fulfillment in Jesus, redemption accomplished. With this good news in hand, the church goes forth to witness. Then we look on into the future and the return of the King, redemption completed.

Craig Bartholomew, biblical scholar and associate professor of philosophy, together with Mike Goheen, missiologist and associate professor of religion and theology, combine their strengths to produce this text for biblical theology for first-year university students. The Drama of Scripture clearly, concisely, and with magnetic interest summarizes the wide scope of the Bible. The three main emphases are: the comprehensive scope of God's redemptive work in creation; the believer's own place within the biblical story; and the centrality of mission.** Bartholomew and Goheen write for all Christians. If there is a bias, it is because they both teach at Redeemer University College, Ontario, a Reformed institution.

A multi-use volume, The Drama of Scripture will find a place in classroom, individual study, and family and group study. Mentors and students will value it as a handy reference book with a large subject index. The footnotes are full of interesting tidbits of information, however being placed all together at the end of this book makes them a bit clumsy to handle. It may be helpful to keep a bookmark in this section. Donna Eggett, Christian Book

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Book Jacket:

In The Drama of Scripture, Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen provide an engaging overview of the story line and theology of the Bible. As the authors suggest in their introduction, it is only as we read and appropriate the Bible "as our story" that we fully understand it and allow it to have authority over us. As we enter into the story of the Bible, we find God revealed there and are called to participate in his continuing activity. The biblical story, then, is foundational to Christian thinking and living.

Working from this perspective, the authors survey the story in Scripture. Their work is part introduction, part commentary, part theology, and thoroughly engaging. They suggest two over-arching themes running throughout the story--"covenant" in the Old Testament and "the kingdom of God" in the New Testament. These two themes effectively summarize the activity of God throughout human history. They are ways of looking at the story in order to gain an understanding of God's purposes and to let them claim us.

Bartholomew and Goheen work their way through the Bible as a drama with six acts-creation, sin, Israel, Jesus, mission, and new creation. Their study provides an introduction to the Bible and a commentary on important passages, but it is more than that. It is also a theological reflection on the ongoing story and a call for participation in God's grand narrative. It will be a useful work for students who study Scripture and a helpful resource for pastors and teachers looking for assistance in developing a compelling presentation of the biblical story.