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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Mar 2004
Baker Academic

Making Sense of the New Testament: Three Crucial Questions

by Craig L. Blomberg

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Tackling three tough theological questions – the historical reliability of the New Testament, the truth of whether Paul was really the founder of Christianity, and how the Christian is to apply the New Testament to everyday life, Making Sense of the New Testament by Craig L. Blomberg provides thoroughly researched answers to these very compelling modern-day queries. The author’s well-documented evidences lend valuable insights into the Christian faith and provide valid reasoning for the reliability of scriptural teachings.

Blomberg says, “Until we know what a passage meant in its original historical and literary context, and until we have a reliable translation that reflects accurate meanings of words and sentences in that passage, we cannot determine how to apply it to our quite different contexts in the twenty-first century.” His statement is altogether true, which is why it is imperative that Christians know what the Bible actually says and understand what it really means. God does not need us to defend Him; it is we who must study in order to be fully persuaded in our own minds about what we profess. Therefore, as responsible followers of Christ, we must look at the scriptures in light of human history to understand how beautifully and truthfully they are constructed.

For instance, the book says, “The textual evidence for the New Testament from the first centuries after it was written is staggering. Scholars of almost every theological stripe agree that Christian scribes copied the New Testament with extraordinary care, matched only by the accuracy of Jewish scribes in copying the Hebrew Scriptures.” As Believers, we need to be aware of this truth so that we can be confident, not only in our personal profession, but in the accuracy of Christ and His teachings as told to us in the New Testament.

Blombery, who holds a Ph.D from the University of Aberdeen, draws upon years of study and research in authoring this book. He is a professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, where he has been teaching for more than fifteen years. He has authored or edited more than ten books, including Jesus and the Gospels and Interpreting the Parables.

Making Sense of the New Testament is suitable for all who are interested in Christian apologetics, and for those who wish to gain a better understanding of the historical and theological context from which the New Testament is written. -- Nancy K. Brown, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Many Christians assume that the New Testament is historically reliable. This confidence, however, is not universal, and there are many who, especially in light of modern biblical studies, question this claim. Some have also claimed that Paul founded a church quite distinct from the message of Jesus and the Gospels. How can we reconcile their seeming differences? What is the relevance of the New Testament in the world today, in cultures far removed in time and space from the first-century Mediterranean world?

Grounded in sound scholarship but written in an accessible style, this book provides a reasonable, well-informed response to these issues, offering sound introductory guidance to any student of the Bible.