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Trade Paperback
256 pages
May 2004
Baker Books

Looking Forward to the Rest of Your Life?: Embracing Midlife and Beyond

by Lorry Lutz

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Looking Forward to the Rest of Your Life by Lorry Lutz emphasizes that age does not end your ability to continue to work for God and be an inspiration to others.

Lutz shows examples of many older women doing creative work, not only in the local church, but in world wide organizations. The author herself was a missionary who has traveled to many countries speaking to Christian women leaders. The author believes she has a mandate to write a book to help older women prepare for the various challenges of the years ahead.

The various chapters are descriptions of older women who have met the challenge of being older, alone, or physically handicapped, but have contributed in many ways to the spreading of the Gospel. It is an interesting way to demonstrate the many opportunities for older women to continue serving God and being a good example.

As research for the book, the author sent a questionnaire to Christian women on a missions mailing list. Of the ladies between 50 and 90 years old, 77 percent reported their health as good or excellent. She also found that older women can perform intellectually at much the same level as young adults. In addition, creativity is still available--maybe increased--with age.

Lutz says, “With planning and intentionality, this new phase of life can be the most wonderful time of all. Now we reap the harvest of years of experience, walking with God, applying his Word, and obeying his will."

I found this book to be very uplifting and inspirational. The various examples of godly women continuing to serve God--even into their 80's and 90's--are motivating. Pastors and church members will benefit from the book, reading of the possibilities for older women serving the church and the mission field. I would definitely recommend the book. –- Dorothy Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Women who face an empty nest, retirement, or life without their husband often feel they are no longer needed. Author Lorry Lutz reminds readers that they still have purpose and value no matter what their stage of life. She helps women in midlife plan ahead for their later years and mobilizes senior women to share their unique gifts, showing that life can be rewarding at any age.

Looking Forward to the Rest of Your Life? debunks negative stereotypes pinned on older women. Each chapter includes biographical sketches of women like Vonette Bright and Joy Dawson who exemplify how to make the latter years count. This timely book will also inspire church leaders to harness the full potential and wisdom of their female senior members.