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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2004
Baker Books

The Real Face of Atheism

by Ravi Zacharias

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Two essential questions that each of us must answer - Does God exist? Can man live without God? In The Real Face of Atheism, noted Christian apologist, visiting scholar at Cambridge, prestigious lecturer, president of International Ministries Ravi Zacharias explores in depth the ramifications of these questions, backing every statement with relevant quotes from past and contemporary Bible scholars and atheist philosophers, as well as from the Bible. Today's world jars the Christian from all sides, sneering at the Bible and its morality. The Real Face provides an understanding of the enemy, and the foundations, answers, and proofs of faith that we need. A demanding book, the reader must be willing to discipline his thought processes, place his intellect under the direction of the Holy Spirit, pray through each thought, and be willing to base opinions on Bible facts. You may need a dictionary to get through this book successfully.

Zacharias presents his subject in three sections. The first takes “a direct look at the counter-perspective of Christ,” at atheism and its impact on our world, and on us. This section looks into the face of despair, with Zacharias constantly lifting this desperation as he eruditely glories in the Lord. Section two, the Bible-based view, presents “adequate truth tests so that one may arrive at a worldview that answers the questions of our origin, condition, salvation, and destiny.” The third section, consisting of two appendices, helps us to understand how we form true philosophical ideas and establish a framework of truth for our worldview. Each concludes with questions for study and discussion.

Some contemporary topics this book discusses include: God is dead; evolution and the second law of thermodynamics; the demise of Christian-based morality in the world today; man’s inhumanity to man; meaninglessness; the failure of sheer reason; individual liberty combined with the good of the whole; and communicating the Christian faith.

The Real Face of Atheism belongs to all of Christendom, not just the scholar and theologian. Zacharias states in his Introduction, “For those who are willing to seek earnestly the possibility of God’s existence, this book has been written.” – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Atheism is a world without God. Its true nature-whether disguised in Eastern mysticism or American cynicism-is despair. In this thought-provoking and insightful book, Ravi Zacharias exposes the hopelessness of atheism and explains how a worldview based on belief in God is the key to fulfillment. The Real Face of Atheism systematically examines atheistic positions on human nature, the meaning of life, morality, the "First Cause," death, and more.