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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Apr 2006
Baker Books

How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?

by Rod J. K. Wilson

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While an important skill, listening has several how-to books to its credit. In How Do I Help a Hurting Friend? the author urges his audience to be skillful listeners, but majors on another significant set of skills: “expanding our understanding of the nature of problems that people are experiencing.” (16) His goals are to (1) give a concise description of five major problem areas in everyday language; (2) discuss each problem with Christian faith in the foreground; (3) provide examples of experiencing these problems; (4) present a practical list of ways to help; and (5) blend professional and Christian involvement. The five problem areas discussed are self-image, grief, depression, burnout, and dysfunctional families. An introductory chapter on understanding people with problems, and a closing chapter on wounded healers, binds all this together. The brief bibliography includes such interesting writers as C. S. Lewis and Dorothy L. Sayers.

This book definitely comes under the category of “Very Useful Books.” Professional Christian counselor, teacher, college president, and author of several other counseling volumes, Wilson achieves his aims. Easy to understand and implement, firmly based in Christianity, How Do I Help a Hurting Friend? will help the reader do just that. It will also encourage further study and thinking, and, while not written as such, is a good self-help aid. High school through adult readers, lay or professional, will find this book valuable. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Helping begins with understanding. Each of us knows someone who is hurting. We want to help but often don't know how. So we try to solve his or her problem by evaluating the situation and giving advice. But what hurting people need first and foremost is to be understood. 

Rod Wilson offers you practical insights into helping hurting people. These insights are born out of more than twenty-five years of church and counseling experience. In this accessible book, he provides:

  • an easy-to-understand description of common sources of hurting
  • biblical ways of thinking about them
  • descriptions of how it feels to experience the problems
  • practical suggestions for coming alongside to help

Whether you're a church leader or a caring friend, this book will give you needed tools to minister more effectively to those around you who are hurting.