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Trade Paperback
350 pages
Jul 2006
Moody Publishers

Arms of Deliverance: A Story of Promise

by Tricia Goyer

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In Tricia Goyer’s latest novel, Arms of Deliverance: A Story of Promise, three women travel toward their destiny as they struggle to survive in war-torn Europe. Fears and insecurities trap all three women until they place their lives in God’s hands. Goyer does an excellent job braiding three separate stories to form a cohesive whole. Her main characters, Mary, Lee, and Katrine, are strong women with human flaws. These flaws add a realistic flavor to the story.

In 1944, Americans Mary Kelly and Lee O’Donnelly are rival newspaper reporters. As they struggle to find a niche in an occupation where men rule, both are sent overseas to bring a female point of view to the war. Eventually, Lee’s providence sends her sailing toward Normandy and Utah Beach. On assignment aboard Destiny’s Child, a B-17, Mary and the crew are forced to bail out over Belgium. Within German-occupied territory, some of the crew are able to escape while others are captured or killed.

Meanwhile, Katrine, a Czech Jew, is in hiding. Because of her blonde hair and blue eyes, she is able to masquerade as an Aryan. She falls in love with a married German officer, Hendrick Schwartz, and compromises her Jewish beliefs. Unaware Katrine is a Jew, he sends her to Lebensborn, the prestigious home for expectant German mothers, when she becomes pregnant.

Arms of Deliverance is a well-wrought story that balances the stark bloody mess of war with hope, the extermination of a race with new life, and the winds of hatred with the gentle breath of promise from our Heavenly Father. As Mary said, “Could it be possible that I don’t have to figure out this world and my place in it on my own? Could it be that I only need to focus on You?”

Readers should keep in mind that there are a few graphic scenes depicting war and the issue of the unwed mother, which may bother some. I would recommend this book for mature readers. – Victoria Borgman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The fourth and final novel in this exhilarating series capturing the tales of men and women swept into World War II.

Two friends, Mary and Lee, land similar reporting jobs at the New York Tribune on the eve of the war’s outbreak and soon they become competitors. Mary’s coverage of a bombing raid over Germany leads to a plane wreck and an adventurous escape attempt from across enemy lines. And when Lee hears of Mary’s plight, she bravely heads to war-torn Europe in an effort to help rescue her friend.

Will there be enough time for diplomacy or will war get the best of everyone?