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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Jun 2011
Moody Press

Hawaiian Crosswinds

by Linda Lee Chaikin

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Hawaiian Crosswinds, the second book of the Dawn of Hawaii series by Linda Lee Chaikin, is a historical thriller intended to portray those whose authentic faith cause them to follow God’s footsteps, in spite of the brokenness of the world around them. Rafe Easton, a plantation owner in Hawaii in 1892, is thrust into a situation where he is challenged by love, danger, and political upheaval. Rafe is forced to put his trust in God amidst situations of numerous betrayals.

Chaikin manages to keep the novel historically accurate while focusing her evocative writing style on the realities of two nineteenth century families. The relationship between Rafe and Eden depicts the values of a pure and disciplined love. When Eden must choose between protecting her father and relying on the trust she owes to Rafe, she realizes that honesty is crucial to any relationship.

Rafe must find his role in the storm of a political revolution that is sweeping across the island nation of Hawaii, while keeping the ones he loves out of danger. In uncovering the mysteries of an important political document that has gone missing, he discovers that his beloved Eden has been taken captive. His strength and faith are tested as he comes to terms with what might happen if he’s too late in rescuing her.

Rafe Easton portrays a man reared in the Christian faith. When he faces temptations he recites verses such as, “The wrath of man works not the righteousness of God” (James 1:20). The reader is able to relate to the everyday problems that the colorful characters face throughout the novel. Chaikin expertly weaves each character’s role and personality into the novel, creating an exciting and dynamic plot.

Hawaiian Crosswinds features a plot that is dynamic enough to please a variety of readers: male and female, young and old. Chaikin paints a picture in the mind of the readers that transports them into the historical, tropical setting of this novel. Her writing is simple and leaves the reader with a satisfied sense of adventure and romance. – Kate Farr,

Book Jacket:

Torn between family loyalty and their deep affection for one another, Rafe Easton and Eden Derrington strike an agreement that will bring them together after one final year of pursuing their dreams. For Eden, those dreams involve dangerous medical research with her father, and spending time with the mother she never knew - a leper on Moloka'i.

Rafe's dreams are equally noble - managing the family estates and serving in the Legislature - until both begin to unravel. Revolution threatens the fragile calm of Hawaii's sovereignty, and the man who murdered Rafe's father now threatens the lives of Rafe's mother and adopted son. With love, danger, and political upheaval demanding his attention, Rafe must commit to a course of action without second thoughts.

Love, beauty, and blessing - the perfect "happily ever after" to a Hawaiian romance - unravel in the Hawaiian Islands of 1892. What will this mean for Rafe and Eden, caught in the Hawaiian Crosswinds?