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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Jun 2010
Moody Publishers

Hello, I Love You: Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood

by Ted Kluck

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Hello, I Love You could have the alternate title – The Adoption Misadventures of a Cute American Girl and her Idiot Husband. An avid sportsman, from playing and coaching football to writing sports editorials, commentaries, and books, Ted Kluck (the idiot husband of the alternative title) masterfully uses his breezy, sarcastic sporting style to relate this true story of the trials and tribulations of adopting children from the Ukraine. In 2003, very American-oriented and not realizing it, Ted and Hannah Kluck felt the Lord wanted their first child to be one adopted from a foreign country. Little knowing the problems they would face, the young couple set out with borrowed money (and it takes lots of it) to get their child from the Ukraine. Red tape was a mammoth problem. Finding out they had to live months in sometimes frightening circumstances never encountered in America was surmountable but worrisome. Worse yet was the fact they had to fly back and forth between the Ukraine and the USA several times over a period of many months before they finally could take their little Tristan home with them. A master of literary sarcasm drifting into livid irony, Ted Kluck states everything baldly: his dismay at the Ukrainian way of life; how he and Hannah desperately clung to the Lord even when their feelings made them sometimes act less than Christian; worrying about which ‘foreigners’ they could trust; and learning to love a little boy under difficult adoption circumstances. But in between all of this the reader also learns how the Lord leads the Klucks into spiritual growth, teaching them to lean fully on Him.

The Lord had a further lesson for this couple – infertility. Part two tells all the raw and sometimes less than admirable emotions this couple went through as they worked toward accepting God’s will in this matter also. Knowing the problems of foreign adoption, and just recently reconciled to their infertility, the Klucks set out to adopt a second boy, Dima. They have their two boys now, and are a happy family; however, the adventure is not over. Dima has a little sister still in the Ukraine, and as this book draws to a close, all four Klucks are ready to start the adoption process to get her – another $40,000 adoption for this middle-class family. Ted Kluck closes with this sentence, “As my boys climb on me, smiling and laughing, I’m reminded of . . . the difficult circumstances in their past . . . now washed away in light of the new life they have with our family. And I can’t help but compare that to the regeneration that happens in our hearts, in Christ . . . the joy that’s possible in Him, and the glory we’ll experience in eternity” (p. 179).

Hello, I Love You is a book for everyone. If you are thinking of adoption, pair this book with a more optimistic one. If you are not thinking of adopting, but want a good Christian read, this book will fill the bill. It will leave you ruminating on how well you are coping with your own Christian life, and, if you honestly want it, how God can fix the problems you find. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Hello, I Love You is a very real and authentic look from Ted Kluck’s perspective of his journey through the corridors of international adoption.

Overcoming the heartbreak of infertility, Ted and his wife set out on a faith-challenging adventure. Traveling to a foreign land, carrying tens of thousands of dollars through a crowded airport, enduring passport checks, airport con-men, and Ukrainian cops with guns-this was a part of their wild ride of international adoption.

But so was God’s faithfulness taking new forms each day through the love of friends, the support of family, the comfort of Scripture and the fellowship of a new church family in a foreign land. And so was the joy of meeting two boys who would become a part of their family.

This book will encourage and affirm couples who are considering, or in the midst of, international adoption and those who support them.