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Trade Paperback
250 pages
Jan 2006
Moody Publishers


by Travis Thrasher

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Redemption is best gained by confronting your past, and Travis Thrasher’s Admission tackles it head on. Jake Rivers is a burned-out college senior who can’t wait to graduate. But his last semester at Providence College has it challenges. He has it made until one day everything in his life, including his relationships with friends, is changed forever. His last semester of college has a miniature gap: he doesn’t remember what happened the last week of his college career. Jake is given a chance eleven years later to go back and re-experience the entire semester all over again. He has the chance to rekindle relationships and to face his dark past. Throughout the book, readers can feel the emotions of what it was like to be in college and have traumatic decisions to make.

Throughout Admission, Thrasher takes the reader on a time travel mystery ride. The book begins in April 1994, and then rushes to June 2005, and continues to bounce between the two. Jake Rivers is someone the reader wants to reach out and touch, teach, even evangelize. The heroine, Alyssa Roberts, has great chemistry with Jake. She is his lost love, and makes Jake want to change himself. The most unforgettable experience is the amazing chapter wherein Jake retells his past relationship with Alyssa, causing readers to remember the first close relationship they had with a girl or guy.

Jake is taken on a spring break trip his senior year, and the results of what happens on that trip provide a lingering mystery. Jake gets a call to find a girl named Clarie who has been missing. Jake is sent on a “Sherlock Holmes college mystery” and has the opportunity to investigate everything that happened. He unravels the mystery of what went on that night. Jake chooses redemption and a makes the choice to change himself.

Jake Rivers is a marvelously visible, three-dimensional character. Readers will feel for Jake and wish they could do something about his life. Jake is a heavy drinker throughout the book, and Thrasher tackles the topic head on. Even the peripheral characters, such as his friends Franklin, Carnie, and Alec, are well rounded.

All in all, this book is very highly recommended. The ending will shock readers because of what Jake discovers. College students and people who have leftover baggage in their past will find this book intriguing. Admission will let readers into the experience--Thrasher knows what he is doing. – Jeremy Sheer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The author of Gun Lake and The Second Thief is back with a riveting tale of how buried mistakes can resurface at any time. Adventure Company entrepreneur Jake Rivers gets a call from the parents of a woman who has disappeared and who was last seen with Alec, Jake’s best friend from college. The girl’s parents believe she is hiding out with Alec, but Jake hasn’t heard from him in 10 years. Jake’s moved on from his college days, but the memories of what he’s tried to forget—a friend’s suicide, an enemy’s mysterious disappearance— keep surfacing. Someone wants to keep him from discovering what really happened.