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Trade Paperback
240 pages
May 2004
Broadman & Holman

The Ever-Loving Truth: Can Faith Thrive in a Post-Christian Culture?

by Voddie Baucham

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In The Ever-Loving Truth, Voddie Baugham states, "Much of what we are experiencing in post-Christian America is eerily similar to what the early church experienced in pre-Christian Rome..." The difference is the response. "They challenged their culture; we tend to conform to ours."

Dr. Voddie Baucham graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and also did postgraduate work at the University of Oxford, England. He travels across the country doing college lecture series and pastoral conferences on sound biblical theology. His purpose for this book is "to change the manner in which we as Christ's followers respond to modern trends within our culture."

This book is in three sections. The first "examines cultural attitudes toward Christianity." The second notes "essentials where Christians must agree if they are to keep our Christianity intact." The third section discusses "belief in the Bible and the trend toward belief in an unbiblcal Jesus."

Dr. Baucham states that we are living in a culture "that denies the truth of God's word." America is no longer a "Christian" nation. But there is hope if Christians are willing to take a stand.

This book explains the basis of the thinking of today's culture and then gives us the "weapons" we need to confront it. It is down-to-earth talk about an eternal problem--man's refusal to acknowledge his sin in the light of a holy God.

Whether we choose to witness verbally or more quietly through our actions, this book is a must read to help us understand what is happening to our world. Jesus said we are to be a light in the darkness of the world (Matthew 5:14-16). This book will help polish our light. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Voddie Baucham has a message for Christians in todayís cultureóitís time to take a stand for the truth. In The Ever-Loving Truth,this powerful preacher and teacher addresses the cost of being a twenty-first century Christian and helps adults apply the unchanging truth of Godís Word to contemporary life issues.

The Ever-Loving Truth draws parallels between committed Christians in our society and the New Testament writers, Peter and John, as followers of Christ who proclaimed and stood for truth in their non-Christian environment. Participants will find this compelling study leads them to evaluate what it means to be a Christian today and how to apply Godís unchanging truth to a variety of circumstances.