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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Mar 2005
Broadman & Holman

Call Waiting: Hearing and Answering God's Call on Your Life

by Ronald Wilson

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Call Waiting is filled with encouragement and discernment!

The theme of this book is that God calls everyone to a specific place and type of work. This calling is both personal and purposeful. Yet, the best part is that God is able to reveal His plans for us in practical and concrete ways. Our part is being willing to hear and answer.

The author addresses the reader’s dilemma of being able to hear God’s voice in a world crowded with noise. By including actual stories of people to whom God made His will known, readers see the various ways that God can speak to a person. These stories are not only interesting, but they make the message of this book come alive.

The author gently rips the veil between sacred and secular work, by explaining that a “calling” of God not only applies to pastors and missionaries. He shows from Scripture that Christians are always serving God in whatever job they may hold. This powerful teaching elevates employment in all its forms and restores the dignity of certain jobs, which may be considered of lesser value by the world’s standards.

Also noteworthy is the author’s emphasis on discovering the gifts and talents that God gives to believers. The pages of this book will alert readers to opportunities and pathways that can match a person’s skill to an employment or vocational need.

The chapters deal with various aspects of hearing and answering God’s call. The author uses Scripture, motivational quotes, and real-life accounts to show the practical application of the principles involved. Each chapter ends with several insightful questions to further implant the book’s message into readers’ minds.

Although young men and women who are facing career choices may find this book most useful, all Christians will benefit from the encouragement provided. The author brings value and purpose to work, and readers will see that it’s a delightful adventure to discover God’s plans for their lives. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

God is placing a call on the lives of the TruthQuest™ generation. It is a corporate call to rise up from the ashes of postmodernity and embrace the revolution of God. But there is also a call that is more personal. It is a call God places on your life—your heart’s desire. It is the place where the world’s needs and your gifts intersect.

Call Waiting is an inspirational book about men and women who have followed God’s call to serve Him. This book will guide the TruthQuest™ generation to a deeper understanding of that calling.