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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Jul 2004
Broadman & Holman

Two Nations Under God: Why Should America Care About Israel and the Middle East

by Tom Doyle

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The premise of Godís covenant with the Israelites and His attachment to the Holy City of Jerusalem is addressed in Two Nations Under God: Why Should America Care About Israel and the Middle East? by minister and author Tom Doyle. Many people struggle with how Godís covenant relates to world news today, and question if America should continue its support of Israel. Doyle recounts the biblical, historical, and contemporary relationships of many nations with Israel. In Genesis 12:13, God says that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel accordingly.

After thorough research of both the Bible and the works of many respected authors on this subject, Doyle outlines current historical events and their connections to Israel. Bibliographical references are listed for each chapter at the end of the book. After serving twenty years as a pastor, the author has developed personal relationships with many people in the Middle East through his leading of tours to the Holy Land and even becoming a licensed tour guide. Doyleís close perspective and experiences provide a basic understanding of the clashes among the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian people.

In the midst of a long season of anti-Semitism, United States President Harry Truman acknowledged and financially supported the new Israeli state in 1948. Doyle recognizes the importance of this event, and includes a copy of the primary source document in his book. Following this blessing of Israel, the author explains why he believes America has received countless blessings. Doyle has structured this easily read book into two initial sections: understanding why America should care about Israel, and understanding the differences of culture and religions in the Middle East. The third and final section of this book goes beyond reporting, to become a tool to equip Christians with a global prayer outline for this region. Suggestions are also listed for Christians to respond in other ways to the needs of this region and its people.

This well-organized book explains the biblical and historical platform for why Israel must keep its territory, and why America must continue to be a nation under God. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a better understanding of the political and religious tension in the Middle East, as well as the necessity of the United Statesí war on terrorism. Doyleís expertise extends beyond book knowledge to a unique position of heart-connection with Israelís people. In the concluding section of the book, Doyle encourages Christians to recognize their own prejudices, to seek a common heart for the world, and to understand the Muslim and Jewish faiths more clearly. Finally, he justifies the urgent call to prayer and action. His desire is that others will join him to reach and convert every person in this volatile area of the world. -- Peggy Billiard, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Why should America care? Israel is the place, and the Jews are the people that God promises to love unconditionally forever. This produces an enormous amount of tension with the region. The nations of the world are given an opportunity to bless or curse Godís chosen covenant people. Their choice decides the health of the nation and determines its destiny. Though off to a shaky start, America made a conscious effort to bless Israel and since that time has enjoyed the promised blessing of God. This has resulted in the United States soaring to the top of the most favored nation list in all of recorded history.