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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Nov 1999
Broadman & Holman

Future Church: Ministry In A Post-seeker Age

by Jim L. Wilson

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Post-Modern? Post-Christian? Post-Seeker? Just a bit bewildered with all these new expressions starting with post? Future Church carries you past the post into the future, and shows that the future is now. Nationwide a phenomenon has arisen, Christian groups breaking out of stereotypes, moving away from the past and the post as they connect people with God.

Author Jim Wilson builds Future Church around seven leverage points. These fulcrums consider how the church can best present to this world the efficacy of our Lord. They look at such topics as living in true spirituality, proving the reality of absolute truth, avoiding duplicity, and eschewing pigeonholes. Imagination gripping illustrations come from actual outreach programs of several astonishing, creative, wise, and godly churches. Instead of designating only the unchurched as seekers, these churches want to be the seekers, want to emulate our Lord by being on a quest, continually drawing in the unchurched.

The styles of service are as widely differing as the churches themselves, from heavy biblical content and ethical application to felt-needs preaching, from artists working in the midst of the service and mannequins falling off ladders to classical music, modern dance, and loud music videos; from intimate groups sharing together to huge gatherings moving in rhythm. Along the way the reader meets up with Christian authenticity, brokenness and healing, character, tribulation, truth filled living, and humility.

Baptist pastor, online editor, prolific author Jim Wilson, building on a strong scripture base, draws extensively from his many contacts with Christians, both individually and in groups. He also includes autobiographical illustrations. Permeated with the excitement Wilson imbibes from other Christians, Future Church challenges, cultivates deep Christian growth, and boosts thinking. It is also fun to read - the illustrating churches have some wonderfully wild, spiritually deep ideas. Whether or not you agree with all the churches and their ideas, your Christian perspective will gain encouragement to grow. Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The world has more than changed. In fact the world as it was known for generations is ending, and from its ashes a new world is rushing in. All sociologist, futurists, theologians, and academicians agree. But the shape of this post-modern world is still being formed. The clay of the post-seeker generation is still soft, yet to be completely hardened by cynicism. Communities of believers who are especially equipped are being birthed across the nation and world. Church leaders, having seen the decline of the seeker generation, are embracing the future and are planting the seeds for the future church. Jim. L. Wilson, himself on the frontline of this new generation of church leaders, discusses this new movement and profiles the leaders whose visions are leading them to throw off the chains of conventional modernity to once again become all things to all men to save some. Future churches neither criticize culture nor adapt to it. Future churches leverage culture to the gospel's advantage. This book offers seven critical fulcrum points the church must locate in order to remain relevant in the post-modern, post-seeker, post Christian age.