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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Jan 2005
Broadman & Holman Publishers

Black Or White

by John Aubrey Anderson

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Black or White is a kaleidoscopic look at life. There is an intriguing blend of the spiritual and the physical world, as readers are taken behind the scenes to understand the reality of what is unseen.

The setting is the Mississippi Delta, and the time is one of segregation. Missy Parker, a beautiful white girl, is the best friend of Junior Washington, a godly black boy. On the shores of Cat Lake, a bitter struggle between good and evil ensue, leaving only one of these children alive. The other vows to tell the world of the sacrificial love of Christ, which was shown in a real and personal way. The pages that follow chronicle the slowly moving and deeply spiritual tale of one person who is determined to live for the Lord.

The story meanders like the Mississippi, introducing a large cast of characters. The emotions swirling around this era of racial discrimination propel the story forward with a bittersweet twist. Southern hospitality and charm clash with the hatred of prejudice. A dash of humor and a promise of hope lighten the tension and provide a pleasing balance.

Yet, itís the spiritual world that gives this story dimension. The veil is pulled back to show readers the powers of good and evil. Their influential presence among the characters is revealed in well written and highly descriptive scenes.

The ending holds the hint of a sequel, and thanks to the strong characterization of this story, readers will be eager to continue. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

On the shores of Cat Lake, in the midst of the most defined era of segregation in American history, a spitfire seven-year old white girl and spiritual eleven-year-old black boy live each day as best friends. Despite the idyllic scenery and their youthful innocence, forces of darkness trouble the girl and ultimately lead these children to make choices you will never forget. Author John Aubrey Anderson weaves a gripping tale of warmth, humor, and profound eternal truth.