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Trade Paperback
238 pages
Jul 2005
Broadman & Holman

7 Tools For Cultivating Your Child's Potential

by Zan Tyler

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When one of my sons was little, we read about David Livingstone going to Africa with medical aid. My little boy looked up at me, and said, "Maybe I'll start lots of hospitals when I grow up, Mamma."

My heart thrilled at the thought of my son the missionary doctor. Not too much later we decided that our son would not be following that path since he grew faint at the sight of blood. But we wondered what would he do? How should we steer him?

Zan Tyler helps parents answer that question in her excellent book, 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential. Tyler's well-thought out and inspiring book gives parents insight into helping point the children in the right direction for them. Her chapters on identity, intimacy, purpose, worldview, character, academics, and leadership suggest helpful books and websites, offer apt anecdotes and insightful reasoning, and quote well-chosen scholars.

Though the book is aimed at homeschoolers, Tyler, a veteran homeschooler, brings principles and insights that can be used by all parents. Especially refreshing is her rejection of accidental parenting. Instead she gently teaches intentional parenting. The book is not for parents who want to be consultant-facilitators in their children's lives, but for those who want to fully prepare the children for what God has for them.

Tyler's style is warm and friendly. She includes apt illustrations from her homeschooling background but goes beyond her experience to provide resources from others that she found helpful. The reader does not feel overwhelmed by the "perfect" mother, but Tyler shares her tears and fears from the past also. New homeschoolers will find the book similar to sitting down with a cup of tea at the kitchen table with a learned, homey, veteran homeschooling friend.

She includes messages from her grown children and the story of the legislative problems her family encountered early in the homeschooling movement in South Carolina. Having homeschooled in a different state at the same time, I find myself wishing that I could have had this book back then. Tyler's reasoning would have helped me reach my goals for my children with less mental wandering and uncertainty. 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential is a book that I intend to give to my children as they contemplate raising their children. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Zan Tyler passionately believes that God has appointed the home as the place where true education takes place and where learning flourishes the best. She has interacted with thousands of parents who believe this, but many times they are not always sure where to start.

Now, Zan has written Seven Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential to help these parents. Zan presents seven biblical principles that parents can readily engage as they seek to raise successful children who love Christ. The underlying goal is to help mothers and fathers grasp hold of the power God has placed in their hands as parents to positively shape the lives and hearts of the next generation for Christ.