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207 pages
Jun 2005
Broadman & Holman

The Grassfire Effect: How One Small Spark Can Change Your World

by Steve Elliott

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You can change the world! Isnít that an amazing thought? Well, it could become a reality if you take the words of Steve Elliott seriously. After reading this highly motivational book, this reviewer has become a believer, and Iím hoping that my words will convince you to learn more about The Grassfire Effect.

Everyone knows that all it takes to start a fire is one small spark. Within each of us is the power to meaningfully change our world by unleashing this spark, or creative idea. This book shows readers how to increase their creativity for maximum influence. And all thatís needed is one idea for the world to be forever changed.

That may sound pretty astonishing, but the author backs up his words by allowing readers to follow the formation of, which is one of Americaís largest online citizen action networks. From the birth of one manís idea, Steve Elliottís organization now has more than two million participants around the country. He clearly shows the results of taking a creative idea to the finish line of success.

The lessons in this book are written with a powerful voice that will both direct and encourage everyone. The author makes this concept a realistic goal that can be attained with some diligence and practical planning. There is a definite excitement within these pages, which will grow into a desire to emulate the example of Steve Elliott.

Whether people will start their grassfires in their own homes or across the globe, everyone will benefit from this book. Our God is known as the Creator, and the author reminds believers that the spark of creativity is inherent in each one of us. These pages are highly combustible and are only waiting for a spark from every reader to get some more grassfires started! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What does it take to change the world? Just a simple idea that starts out as a spark, becomes a flame, and grows into a grassfire that multiplies. This is Steve Elliott's testimony, and he can show you how your sparks of creativity can become world-changing ideas and actions.

Using his personal journey as a backdrop, you learn the lessons Steve has learned that led to the discovery and implementation of of the nation's largest and fastest growing citizen action organizations. More importantly, The Grassfire Effect shows you how to apply the grassfire effect to your own life and release those "sparks" of ideas that can change your world.