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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Feb 2008
B&H Books

The Promise

by Robert J. Morgan

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During a day and age when promises are made and quickly broken with little remorse, Robert J. Morgan writes about a promise that has never been broken in The Promise: God Works All Things Together For Your Good. Nearly every Christian has heard the Romans 8:28 promise, and might even confirm that its true meaning has been forgotten. Morgan offers an in-depth viewpoint into this mysterious truth that every Christian needs to believe when the dark clouds of life billow overhead.

The author does not offer a “how to” method for handling tough times. Instead, he helps his readers see that even when limited human logic collides with an all-powerful God, it doesn’t change the fact that God wants to have an unshakable relationship with His children. The reader will see that when she believes this powerful promise from God, her life will be forever changed, making her free to face fearlessly a future with, what Morgan calls, “a tough-minded optimism.”

Full of biblical, historical and present day stories, the book is divided into two parts. The first half takes the Romans 8:28 promise apart by digging into its original word-by-word meaning and by looking at the whole context of Romans chapter 8. The second half focuses on the purpose of this promise and the assurance of how a sovereign God always has a perfect plan even in the worst of circumstances. Robert J. Morgan is a best-selling and Gold-Medallion winning author with more than 20 books in print. Also a pastor, speaker, and expositor, he weaves authority, skill, and experience into his chapters.

Morgan juggles his main points well. Not only does he show his readers how God gives Christians this promise for their good, but it’s also for the good of others, for the deepening of the soul, for the spreading of the Gospel, and even for facing death. His most important point is clearly stated throughout the book: “All things work together for good, not only to relieve our distress but to convey His glory and to uplift His name” (p. 92).

This easy-to-understand text is worth the time. Morgan provides real examples, colorful word pictures, and his own unique writing style that boldly explains the nitty-gritty grammatical gems in the biblical text.

One potential weakness is that he could have taken a shorter time explaining his points in the last half of the book since sometimes it felt like he was repeating himself. While some high school-aged readers might find the material to ring true to their own experiences, this tough subject might better strike home to college-aged readers and older, who have tasted the pain of trying to understand God during difficult times. – Laurie Filson,

Book Jacket:

In The Promise—now available in paperback—best-selling author Robert J. Morgan (Then Sings My Soul) illuminates the power of Romans 8:28 through real-life stories of hope overcoming heartache and points readers to an unshakable basis for faith and joy. With gentle yet certain power, the book inspires us to deal more effectively with everyday stress and strain and to be more equipped for serious trouble. You can use and share The Promise with others through all things, in every hour of need.