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240 pages
Jun 2009
B&H Books

Building Your Leadership Resume: Developing the Legacy that Will Outlast You

by Johnny M. Hunt

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Building Your Leadership Resume by Johnny M. Hunt encourages leaders to enhance their ministry by perfecting the art of leading. Today’s leaders often struggle to create a productive and effective way of shaping and maintaining their ministry and oftentimes lose focus or give up. Hunt’s testimony, however, has given him an endless amount of experience that warns readers of common mistakes and shows leaders how to counteract these flaws and apathetic tendencies with various tips and strategies.

Hunt focuses on several aspects of leadership, including passion, power, the leader’s perception of himself, the leader’s relationship with others, the leader’s support system, and the legacy the leader leaves behind. Hunt makes it very evident that leadership only lasts for a short time and encourages the reader to focus on the end product as well as to invest in others who will continue to see the project through once the initial leader’s time has come to an end. As president of the Southern Baptist Convention and senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia, Hunt’s experience in ministry has given him a significant amount of trial and error that aspiring leaders can learn from.

“When a leader has passion, he sells out for the cause. He goes all in. He has a fire in his bones, a zeal that can hardly be contained, knowing that God has called him to do this work,” writes Hunt. But most leaders are lost as to how to start. Because of this, Hunt gives an explanation of characteristics and ideas that the starting—or bored—leader can follow for the advancement of his or her ministry or for a new direction and extra boost of energy. Using personal experience, Hunt captures the reader in various stories that illustrate his points.

Bottom line, Hunt’s book is effective and down to earth. His writing style is simple and the content is applicable to anyone. This book would be best for readers who see themselves as aspiring leaders, dedicated and drawn to ministry. However, any reader can pick up tips for everyday life, as well as for big picture concepts. – Katlyn Smith,

Book Jacket:

Building Your Leadership Résumé is SBC President Johnny Hunt's presentation of wisdom- focused lessons like those mentioned above that will simply yet greatly enhance any business or ministry. Each five-to-six page entry guides the reader toward becoming a selfless leader whose impact on others can be immediately rewarding as well as eternally significant.