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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Feb 2010
B & H Publishing

Deliver Us From Evil

by Robin Caroll

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In Deliver Us From Evil, Robin Caroll raises awareness of child trafficking and emphasizes the importance of Christian attributes and practices. As the novel begins, what starts off as a simple delivery job suddenly turns into the discovery of an enormous child trafficking ring. When a crucial witness to cracking the trafficking case is hospitalized for heart problems, US Marshal Roark Holland is assigned to deliver the replacement heart via helicopter to the hospital to save the witness’s life. However, the helicopter goes down and Brannon Callahan, a National Park Ranger, must save Roark and the heart in a race against time, knowing that innocent lives are at stake.

While Deliver Us From Evil is an excellent combination of mystery, suspense, action, and romance, it is not without a strong Christian core. Several issues, such as the power and importance of prayer and Scripture memorization, are highlighted and displayed through the characters. “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).

Overall, the book is written very well. It’s action-packed and romantic without being graphic, sub-plots engage interest and show different aspects of the story, and Caroll does a great job of making the reader feel the plot’s tension through the book’s many emotions. The characters are dynamic, deep, and believable, while exemplifying what it is (and isn’t) to be a true follower of Christ.

Because of the variety of sub-plots and the learning experience, Deliver Us From Evil will appeal to a wide audience. Those who like adventure, romance, mystery, and inspirational genres would greatly enjoy this book. It could very well be life-changing. – Matt Maine,

Book Jacket:

A beautiful yet tough woman working in a beautiful yet tough setting, Brannon Callahan is a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Strong faith and a decorated history of service have kept her one step ahead of on-the-job dangers, but there’s no precedent for what’s about to happen. After a blizzard takes down a small plane carrying U.S. Marshal Roark Holland (already haunted by a recent tragedy), Brannon must save him in more ways than one and safeguard the donor heart he’s transporting to a government witness on the edge of death. Otherwise the largest child trafficking ring in history—with shocking links from Thailand to Tennessee—will slip further away into darkness along the Appalachian Trail.