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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Aug 2011
B&H Books

Dancing on Glass

by Pamela Ewen

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Pamela Binnings Ewen's novel, Dancing on Glass, illustrates that God is always with us, even when we turn away from Him. The main character, Amalise Catoir, has never been able to push aside those who need help and Phillip Sharp is no exception. Though charming at first, his lies and rage manifest into an evil that Amalise cannot escape, and she is soon caught in an emotional prison of fear and misery.

Ewen takes the reader through two years of Amalise's relationship with Phillip, offering some perspective by switching to short accounts of Amalise's mother and best friend, Jude. As the relationship between Amalise and Phillip intensifies, Jude and everyone else in her life are shut out. Amalise's fear becomes the reader’s fear as they gradually detect Phillip's concealed maliciousness. She finally realizes how dangerous he is during a scene in which, after drinking heavily, he beats her for coming home too late.

Though Amalise comes to see that Phillip is not what he first let on to be, she cannot help but pity him and convince herself that he needs her. She dismisses his lies and makes excuses for him, all the while persuading herself that this is what God wants. As the story continues, she realizes what a mess she has caused but resists disclosing her secrets, thinking she must handle the situation alone.

Amalise, a young lawyer working toward a steady position at a large firm, is very forgiving and naive, unable to resist trying to fix broken people. Phillip Sharp is an artist who lives like a leech, sucking the life out of women until they are completely his servants. Jude has been Amalise's best friend since childhood and, though he would do anything for Amalise, he is not sure how to protect her from the mysterious Phillip Sharp.

Dancing on Glass is very encouraging and designed to lead women to put their trust in God. I thought that the beginning was a bit unrealistic, but the fear and struggle of Amalise's marriage was very convincing and haunting. I recommend this book to women, particularly those struggling with domestic violence. – Tara Gnagy,

Book Jacket:

In the steamy city of New Orleans in 1974, Amalise Catoir sees Phillip Sharp as a charming, magnetic artist, unlike any man she has known. A young lawyer herself, raised in a small town and on the brink of a career with a large firm, she is strong and successful, yet sometimes too trusting and whimsical. Ama's rash decision to marry Phillip proves to be a mistake as he becomes overly possessive, drawing his wife away from family, friends, and her faith. His insidious, dangerous behavior becomes her dark, inescapable secret.

In this lawyer's unraveling world, can grace survive Ama's fatal choice? What would you do when prayers seem to go unanswered, faith has slipped away, evil stalks, and you feel yourself forever dancing on shattered glass?