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20 pages
Oct 2009
Ideals Children's Books

How to Clean Your Room

by Eileen Spinelli

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A totally delightful reading experience can be found within the pages of the colorful, imaginative children's book How to Clean Your Room by Eileen Spinelli. Each two-page spread opens to reveal pop-up foldout items. They either jump straight out at the reader or else hide something extremely funny. The first pages show a little boy cleaning his room by randomly grouping all items that are the same colors -- all yellow socks in one pile, all green towels in another pile. Of course, the room is still messy and cluttered, but at least it is "organized." Because it still resembles a jungle of tangled debris, artist David Leonard actually overlaps the picture of the bedroom with trees and vines and wild animals. The message is obvious and fun. When the reader lifts one of the towels in the picture, underneath there is an oppossom hanging upside down, sound asleep. Secret hidden scenes like this are found throughout the book.

After demonstrating how to use one's imagination to clean a bedroom in a wide variety of ways, the book concludes by suggesting that the youngster who lives in this room should actually get a brush and broom and do a proper job of clean-up. This book is funny, original, and full of new things to discover each time it is looked at. Marvelous. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

A delightful adventure emerges as each little boy and girl goes about the task of cleaning his or her room -- a chore that no child likes -- in How to Clean Your Room.