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32 pages
Oct 2009
Ideals Children's Books

The Looking Book

by P. K.  Hallinan

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Not overtly Christian in message, The Looking Book by P. K. Hallinan is nevertheless a tribute to the diversity of God's vast range of creative talent. One day Mikey and Kenny are watching cartoons when their mother comes in and orders them to go outside and play for awhile. When they protest that there is nothing to do, their mother produces magic eyeglasses called "lookers" that will enable them to see wondrous things they have never noticed before. Oddly enough, the lookers are just frames with no lenses. However, both boys go outside and start to explore their yard. They find sweet smelling roses, colorful trees, fascinating bugs and insects and worms, and even small animals. By the time they come back inside to tell their mother of all their discoveries, they have come to the realization that there was nothing magic about the lookers. As such, they determine to go back out in the yard the next day, without the lookers, and just use their eyes to find other new discoveries.

The book's subdued watercolor pictures allow sections of the paintings to draw attention to the eye, such as a bright red ladybug or a row of dark black ants. There is no mention of God or Jesus in the book, just the vast range of what nature has to offer a watchful eye. The words are not difficult, and the story is written in rhyme, making it easy for young readers to follow and remember. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

A delightful story that encourages children to put down the TV remotes and video-game controllers and take a look at the wonder of the world around them.