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Trade Paperback
112 pages
Dec 2004
Kregel Publications

Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome: How to Grow Affair Proof Hedges Around Your Marriage

by Nancy C. Anderson

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Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome by Nancy C. Anderson is an important book addressing the dreadful reality of adultery. Even Christian marriages are at risk for falling prey to this scourge. The book is based on Mark 12:1: “A man planted a vineyard and set a hedge around it.”

In Part one of this book, Mrs. Anderson shares the painful experience of an affair that she had in the early years of her marriage. She shares how she felt neglected by her husband,and when she was tempted by advances from a co-worker, she gave in and her marriage almost ended tragically. But God intervened, she repented, and her husband was able to forgive her. She shares this experience and teaches strategies for protecting yourself from infidelity.

Nancy Anderson and her husband, happily married now for twenty-six years, conduct retreats and seminars nationwide that teach six principles that can be used to protect a marriage from external invaders and internal discontent.

In the second part of the book, Anderson explains these six principles to strengthen a relationship and protect it: Building Hedges by Hearing, Encouraging, Dating, Guarding, Educating, and Satisfying. In six chapters, she teaches lessons and gives pointers for improving the marriage. Each chapter ends with “things to think about” and “things to do.” All use scripture to reinforce the ideas. This is a book of painful honesty, straight from the heart of a woman who obviously cares about marriage, and wants to guard others from the heartbreak her marriage suffered. It is realistic and yet light enough to be readable. It provides a much-needed discourse on a difficult subject in the church.

I recommend this book for couples who are planning to marry, and to any young couple who find themselves struggling in their marriage relationship. The book would make a good study guide to use for a couples Sunday school class or a home fellowship group. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

From a woman who strayed to the other side of the marital fence – and returned to find forgiveness and restoration – comes this practical book about predicting and preventing an extra-marital affair. Based on the principle that the grass is always greener where it 's watered, this book focuses on how to grow a beautiful marriage in your own backyard by establishing six protective "hedges " around it.