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Trade Paperback
268 pages
Aug 2005
Kregel Publishing

Fighting for Bread and Roses: A Novel

by Lynn A. Coleman

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Fighting for Bread and Roses by Lynn A. Coleman is a suspenseful novel about a quest to discover the truth surrounding a historical event. Main character and novelist, Lindsey Taylor, uncovers secrets from the past while researching deaths that occurred during the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912--the topic of her next book. There is someone, however, will stop at nothing to ensure that these secrets stay buried. This story is full of twists and turns that make the reader eager to join Lindsey in discovering the truth.

Danger plagues Lindsey as she begins to uncover more about the Strike of 1912. She receives calls “encouraging” her to research another book, her hotel room is ransacked, and she quickly realizes she is being stalked. Problems only escalate from there; the more she researches, the more difficulties she experiences. The reader has the same questions as Lindsey: Who is it that doesn’t want her researching this topic, and why is this person threatening her? Her determination and love of mystery cause her to continue pursuing the truth about the past, despite the dangers she encounters.

As Lindsey uncovers more about the Bread and Roses Strike, the reader is taken back to that actual time period and sees the story unfold in the perspective of the very people Lindsey is researching. This permits the reader to examine the details of what truly happened to Jenna Waverly, the mill worker whose past Lindsey is most interested in. The continuous shifting of time allows the reader to become involved with two separate women, and mystery and intrigue are a large part of both of their lives.

Fighting for Bread and Roses is an excellent novel. The mystery and suspense make it a fast and enjoyable book. Although the double storyline and abundance of suspicion can cause some confusion, Lynn A. Coleman brilliantly takes two stories from different time periods and intertwines them into a single fantastic novel. Anyone with a love of history and mystery will enjoy this book, and I recommend purchasing it. -- Andrea Burns, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Romance, family, and politics converge explosively in a suspicious murder during the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912 and threaten to engulf a 21st-century woman researching the strike.

When textile workers went on strike in 1912 for better wages and working conditions, they never imagined the violence that would overwhelm them. The first person to die was Anna Lopizzo . . . and then John Rami . . . and then many others. The strikers claimed the police had killed Anna, but the police said one of the strikers shot her. Who was right?

Fast forward to present-day Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Lindsey Marc, a historic mystery writer, is tracking down what really happened to Anna and the other workers. Along the way, someone gets wind of what Lindsey is researching and is threatened by what she may discover. It begins with phone calls and quickly moves to ransacking her hotel room. Can Lindsey find out the truth before something terrible happens to her?