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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Apr 2010

Fatal Loyalty

by Sue Duffy

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In Sue Duffy’s novel Fatal Loyalty, outspoken anti-drug activist Tony Ryborg can’t afford to be distracted – he’s running for governor of Florida, and the elections are fast approaching. However, his daughter Andie has a secret, one that could force him to drop out of the race. Both she and her father are in danger, facing threats from the infamous drug lord Leo Francini. Lone wolf Evan Markham just wants to keep Andie safe, but his past and present connections with Francini’s cartel are catching up to him. The Ryborgs know he is their only chance at ending the nightmare of Francini’s drug trafficking, but will they forgive Evan in time to accept his help? Trust is a privilege that is not easily regained: Evan must learn this truth the hard way.

Although the ending is predictable and some parts of the plot are a little tangled, Duffy more than makes up for these shortcomings by skillfully weaving together mystery, suspense, drama, and a hint of romance to create a story that will leave the reader breathless – especially after a couple of completely unpredictable, jaw-dropping plot twists. Throughout the novel, twists and all, Duffy is particularly adept at contrasting the loyalties of her characters: some unwavering, some hesitant, some misplaced, and some possibly fatal.

The Ryborgs’ faith carries them through their myriad trials – they daily put Proverbs 3:6 to work, acknowledging God in good times and bad. Although this faith is not the main focal point of the novel, it is a common thread that draws the characters and the reader together. Their faith does not go unnoticed by others around them; many are influenced by their constant and unfailing trust in God. Evan, especially, is affected by his observation of their faith.

Fatal Loyalty is a sure winner for fans of action and suspense. After all, when reading Sue Duffy’s book, one learns to expect the unexpected. Duffy’s flowing, intense prose will draw even the most reluctant reader in, and her faith will encourage and inspire readers of all backgrounds. – Maria Martin,

Book Jacket:

Andie Ryborg is on the run. Her father’s campaign for governor and work against the illegal drug trade has put a target on her head. Hiding out in a quiet bungalow in Miami’s exotic Coconut Grove, she hopes to find a normal life removed from the treachery of her father’s world. But no matter how far she runs, she can’t escape the powerful Francini crime family.

Haunted by her mother’s untimely death and the uneasy feeling that someone is watching her, Andie eventually buckles under the weight of fright and returns to her childhood home in Tallahassee. But trouble is not far behind as Andie finds herself in the crosshairs of an assassin’s rifle. As she tries to win her freedom and save what family she has left, she must deal with her mother’s legacy, a God she doesn’t completely trust, and someone else—whose motives are not what they seem but might be exactly what Andie needs.