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320 pages
Oct 2007
Kregel Publications

The Other Daughter

by Miralee Ferrell

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The Other Daughter by Miralee Ferrell, begins with a shock and rift growing between characters. Susanne Carson is at home the day of her birthday, waiting for her children to return from school. Her husband David is the boss of his own construction company and away at work. Planning to be home late, he moves their date plans even later into the evening. That was the only thing on Susanneís mind until the sound of a car racing away brought her out of her dozing and she moved to the door to see what all the commotion is about.

Standing at the door is Brianna, a fourteen-year-old without a mother. All her life she had been told that her father didnít want her, which had caused many problems between her and her mother. She has only a suitcase, and she claims that she is Davidís daughter. Susanneís mind spirals into a whirlwind of questions and fears.

Throughout the story, readers can see Davidís connection with God along with how the family reacts to this unexpected and painful situation. But after the resurfaced memory of his cheating ordeal with another woman back when he and Susanne were engaged, Davidís struggle is apparent. Pushing his wife farther from God because of his past mistake, David begs for forgiveness from her and prays that God will show her the way.

During all of this hectic rifting between the husband and wife, their children get to know Brianna and begin to value her. Over time, itís obvious that Brianna needs to stay, but the parents still arenít sure.

All in all, the story is well written. The twists and turns that take readers through the novel sustain interest while building suspense and curiosity about what will happen next. It is a clever plot idea, and I must applaud Ferrellís writing style. This novel I would suggest for teenagers and older, as some of the things that happen throughout the book may not be acceptable for a younger audience. -- Eliza M. Schane, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

David Carsonís ordered family life is thrown into devastating chaos when Brianna, a young teen, appears on the Carsonsí doorstep, claiming to be Davidís daughter. The revelation of Davidís apparent betrayal staggers his wife, Susanne, and adds strain to an already fragile marriage. Will this shocking discovery drive the family apart, or will it draw them closer to God?