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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Apr 2005
Kregel Publications

The Costly Call: Modern-day Stories Of Muslims Who Found Jesus

by Emir Caner & H. Edward Pruitt

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What does your faith cost you? Emir Fethi Caner and H. Edward Pruitt illustrate the cost of faith for nineteen men and women who converted to Christianity from Islam in The Costly Call. Some suffered attempts on their lives, rejection by families, poverty, imprisonment, and torture, yet their joy, peace, and love for the Lord will inspire readers. From Hassan of Malaysia who had to flee his country with bullets flying around him because of his faith, to Nikusubila who carried the story of Jesus to his tribe in Tanzania, to Silver Moon who fears to pay the price of faith in Kyrgyzstan, these people will touch your heart and challenge your walk with the Lord.

The authors relate the stories in the words of the nineteen converts and one woman who believes but does not dare pay the price to convert. Some of the stories make you smile while others make you cry.

I expected the persecution, the deep commitment, and the joy that the book conveys because I've heard speakers who were persecuted. However, three things surprised me. First, personal relationships with Christians led so many of these people to the Lord. Most of the writers told of some Christian who made a big impact upon them through their integrity, friendship, or character. Second, dreams or visions from the Lord were instrumental in many of the conversions. Third, several of the writers discussed how empty their souls were in Islam.

This is a great book, well-written and warm. I think it would be a good choice to read aloud during family devotions with junior high students and older. Each account covers about six to eight pages. Most of us need to be challenged to love the Lord more and these stories inspire. Whether one uses it for family devotions or reads it privately, it is well worth reading and hard to put down. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

From all walks of life and every Muslim nation on earth, God is calling courageous Muslims to Himself. You will be moved and inspired by the stories of Hassan from Malaysia, Muusa from the West Bank, Aisha from Saudi Arabia, and sixteen other Muslims who found Christ and tenaciously persevere in their faith despite the terror and sacrifice that comes with it.