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Trade Paperback
228 pages
Jun 2004
Kregel Publications

How Islam Plans To Change The World

by William Wagner

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"Don't Panic!"

No, these aren't the opening words of a new thriller. Instead, they are the title of the first chapter of William Wagner's How Islam Plans to Change the World. And the reader welcomes these words as Wagner gives alarming statistics on Islam's expansion.

Wagner breaks down Islam's strategy for worldwide domination into three major components: Da'wah (missions), Jihad, and the Mosque. He explores the successes thus far. He discusses the implementation of Shariah law, the overwhelming role of fear in Islam, the power struggles between Islam and Christianity that we do not recognize as power struggles, and the recent sophistication in dealing with the media.

After examining Islam's progress by country or by region, he evaluates their successes and failures. Though largely using explanation and analysis, Wagner writes a fascinating, timely, and valuable book. He looks at a threatening situation without opting for simplistic solutions. He utilizes anecdotes, quotations, and his experiences.

Having served as a missionary in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for thirty years and as the chairman of the Muslim Awareness Committee of the European Baptist Federation for ten years, William Wagner is well qualified to write this book. He is a professor at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He continues to train missionaries to work with Muslims.

Wagner includes appendices of Middle Eastern quotations, educational resources for public schools from the Islamic Speakers Bureau, and a breakdown of Muslim population by country to document his assertions. He also offers several pages of notes, a glossary, and a bibliography. Though not written from a discouraged viewpoint, this book is not for the "woe-is-me" crowd because it would fuel their defeatism.

How Islam Plans to Change the World has only two faults that I can see-- both easily remedied in future editions. First, an index would help the serious reader. Second, it needs a final chapter that plainly offers measures for countering Islamic expansion. Wagner implies some measures throughout the book, but he could discuss options clearly-- such as increasing the size of our families, prison ministries, building churches in black neighborhoods, producing radio and television shows directed at Muslim, and others. The book currently stops with a return to the "don't panic" theme from the first chapter rather than ending satisfactorily. A book this good and important requires a stronger ending. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Is the growth of Islam a spontaneous trend or the result of a well-financed program to win worldwide dominance? Tackling this important question, William Wagner reveals How Islam Plans to Change the World. Offering a provocative look at Muslim philosophy and methodology, he examines concepts such as holy war, missions, and presence; the role of Shariah Law; Islam's use of mass media to spread its message; and more.