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Trade Paperback
104 pages
Feb 2007
Chalice Press

Prayer 101

by Don Ayckock

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Prayer 101: Learning to Talk with God by Rev. Don. M. Aycock is exactly what the title would suggest: an introductory book about prayer, designed for those who have had little experience with or know very little about the subject. As a Christian who has been praying for years, there was little in the book that I found new and exciting; nevertheless, it was a good review of basic principles. The book covers topics such as the purpose of prayer, the usefulness of prayer, and what the Christian’s attitude should be during prayer.

The book is well written, in that the positive, upbeat, refreshing style of writing gives a degree of life to a topic that has been talked about so much in the past. Because of the fact that it is an introductory book, the author doesn’t go into many controversial areas of discussion, which is probably just as well. He avoids miracle healings, visions, speaking in tongues during prayer, and prophetic prayers.  This book is a primer, not a scholarly tome.  In short, it is readable and functional and extremely helpful to recent converts.

Overall, it is a well organized book, although the author jumps from topic to topic fairly often, but he makes it clear in the introduction that this is his intent. “Like a group of tourists we will concentrate on seeing the highlights and will not linger very long in any one place,” he explains. That statement sums up the book perfectly. I would recommend this book to any new Christians looking for a basic understanding of what prayer is, and for seasoned Christians looking for a review of the basic concepts of prayer. It’s short, succinct, precise, and biblically accurate. – Sarah Haines, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Prayer 101 explores this question in different ways. It begins with an invitation by God to pray, demonstrating that God desires to have a dialogue with us. Readers will find themselves in conversation with writers from many perspectives, and ultimately, in conversation with the One who invites prayer.

Don Aycock's skillful and friendly style is much like a tour guide, walking readers through the landscape of prayer, concentrating on the highlights. He looks at what pray er is not in order to better understand what it is. Examining several key passages of scripture, Aycock opens them up to discover what prayer does to us and to those around us.