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248 pages
Aug 2004
Regal Books

Changing Church: How God is Leading His Church Into The Future

by C. Peter Wagner

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If you’ve found yourself wondering why church has lost its luster, C. Peter Wagner’s Changing Church, will shed some light on this dilemma. Examining the Church and noting “the postmodern aversion to brand loyalty” or the “old wineskin” of traditional denominational structures, Wagner challenges readers to examine the “new wineskin” known as the Second Apostolic Age.

A Church Growth professor at Fuller Seminary for over 33 years, holding three earned doctorates, two from Fuller and one from Princeton, Wagner speaks with simplicity and clarity detailing the dilemma the Church finds herself in—in layman friendly terms. Citing pastors, churches and apostles from around the globe, Wagner’s case is solid. When encountering terms like “spirit of religion,” “oneness theology,” “TULIP,” “apostles,” “spiritual warfare,” and “trinity,” suspend judgment in order to fully examine the breadth of Wagner’s argument.

By embracing a lighter doctrinal load, “equipping the saints for ministry,” embracing “Wesleyan holiness” and holding others “mutually accountable,” the church can move into the postmodern era and fulfill her God-given role. Crossing denominational lines and ordaining anointed leaders, not necessarily seminary-trained leaders (scholars) are essential to the Second Apostolic Age. The Church functioning as a body of believers at long last is Wagner’s hopeful message ripe with promise.

Wagner shares his personal paradigm shifts, offering biblical references to move readers gently through his argument point by point. Wagner is a true scholar, able to convey a vast amount of information in a concise (180 pages) and unintimidating way. If you can get beyond the buzzwords mentioned above, this book will challenge you to examine your view of the Church, personal holiness, and the coming apostolic revolution. It is an excellent book for intercessors, laymen, pastors, and students. Thoroughly indexed, it can be a valuable addition to any library. I highly recommend this book. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Peter Wagner tells readers exactly how they can contribute to the Church’s worldwide fulfillment of God’s kingdom on earth! Changing Church sheds light on the exciting things that are happening by the power of the Holy Spirit! The Church is being aligned with God’s plan for the Great Harvest. While we might feel small in the scheme of things, we can make a huge impact when we unite with what God is doing worldwide. This new vision overlooks denominational barriers, asking one and all to join together for the ultimate fulfillment of God’s purposes!