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220 pages
Dec 2003
Regal Books

Out of Africa

by C. Peter Wagner

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"Mega-churches with thousands of members, revivals sweeping multitudes into the kingdom, bustling cities, evangelists with television ministries to three continents-- welcome to the Nigeria introduced by C. Peter Wagner, Joseph Thompson, and the eleven writers of Out of Africa. Though many of us still think of Nigeria as a third-world nation mired in poverty, tribal conflict, and religious struggles, these African authors describe a vibrant Nigerian Christianity with international outreaches, and a financial influence which is revitalizing the stagnent Nigerian economy.

"Wagner, president of Global Harvest Ministries, a prolific author, and a teacher at Fuller Theological Seminary, along with Thompson, a Nigerian, the founder of Yeshua Ministries, and a teaching pastor at New Life Church in Colorado, assemble a stellar cast of Nigerian and other African writers. Representing several Christian ministries and Nigerian businesses, each chapter's author delves into own their specialty. Paul Adefarasin delivers hope to hurting Nigerians and raises up young leaders for the future. Zach Wazara, a Zimbabwean businessman in Nigeria, encourages readers to take prayer and excellence into the workplace. Emmanuel Nuhu Kure tells of spiritual inroads among the Muslims of northern Nigeria. He makes a powerful point of the importance of praying for Muslims on Fridays, their holy day, which is also the day most often associated with violence. Other writers deal with mission work to Europe, spiritual warfare, prayer, and prosperity.

"The book will appeal most to Pentecostal and Charismatic readers because that is the background of the writers. Also, they will be more familiar with some of the terms used, such as 'apostles' for living church ministers, 'five-fold ministry,' and 'spiritual warfare.' Some of the doctrines accepted by the writers may trouble readers of less charismatic persuasion.

"The writing style varies with the writer and usually reflects his personality. Some writers seem almost boastful while others provoke thought with their reason and humility. Though I have mixed feelings about the book because of some of the doctrines espoused, I believe there is much that Western Christians can learn from it." -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

“When I visited Nigeria, I had been battling sickness for several years. I came home healed. There is a huge anointing on the Church in Nigeria. God’s people are on fire there. As you read Out of Africa, catch the fire of God that is spreading across Nigeria and release it in your region.” – Chuck D. Pierce – Coauthor, Restoring Your Shield of Faith; Vice President, Global Harvest Ministries; President, Glory of Zion International

“The Church of Nigeria possesses certain keys that will benefit the Church worldwide. Through my many visits to West Africa and through the ministering of the Nigerian apostles in our local assembly, I have personally benefited from the grace given to Nigerians. Out of Africa will stir you to become a carrier of God’s glory. If God can bring revival to Nigeria, revival can come to any nation. I recommend Out of Africa to leaders and believers around the world.” - Apostle John Eckhardt, Impact Network of Churches

“Wow! I just read Out of Africa and highly recommend it. Having been to Nigeria under the auspices of International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), I can say my eyes have seen the glory! This book is full of wisdom, knowledge, revelation and much information. It gives great insight to what the Lord is saying and doing in the Church, even beyond Nigeria. Once you start reading Out of Africa, you can’t put it down!” - Apostle John P. Kelly, President, Leadership Education for Apostolic Development

Book Jacket:

Nigeria—once a hopelessly beleaguered society—has risen from the ashes and is a spiritually revived nation. One of the main contributors to this book states: “It is safe to say that the Church and effectual prayers have kept our nation from complete anarchy and genocide. The impact of Christianity is evident wherever you go. If you look a little deeper, listen a little closer, you will see and hear the myriad changes that are subtlety transforming our nation into a nation that truly fears the Lord.” The miraculous is evident in the Church of Nigeria. Out of Africa offers the testimony of numerous Nigerian pastors who are making a difference for God all over the world. Learn from churches who are experiencing a radical move of God. What God is doing in that nation, we pray will also happen in America.