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Trade Paperback
150 pages
Nov 2004
Regal Books

Devotions on the Run: Pulling out of the Fast Lane to Make Time with God

by Jim Burns

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ďTaking a few minutes to spend time with God and focus on His will for your life is the most important thing you can do todayÖIf the devil canít make you bad, he will make you busy. If your life is too busy to take a few minutes with God each day, then your life is just too busy,Ē writes Jim Burns in his new book Devotions on the Run.

Burns is the president of YouthBuilders, an organization that helps adults help kids. Because he spends his life helping kids and parents, he is well aware of the need for parents to have time to spend a few minutes alone with God everyday. Devotions on the Run was written to fulfill this need. There is an abundance of devotional books available, however, I think that this one is perfectly suited to the needs of busy parents.

Many parents, although they want to spend time with God every day, donít know how to begin and canít seem to find the time. Burns saw this problem and created a solution. The book is laid out to take seven weeks to complete, with one devotional for each day. Each week has a different theme: 1. The Great Decision; 2. A Loving God; 3. An Insanely Generous Gift; 4. Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things; 5. Changing the Way You Think; 6. Keeping Your Focus; and 7. Getting it Together. He has probing questions for self-analysis, and he also provides practical application hints at the end of each devotional.

My first reaction to this book was, ďOh no, another devotional book!Ē But I feel that Burns has something unique to offer because he has spent his life working with busy families and understands their needs.

I strongly recommend this for every busy parent who wants to spend time at the well of Godís presence, but isnít sure where to begin or how to go about it. I guarantee you that you will come away refreshed, challenged, and inspired. -- Hannah Rexroth, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Devotions on the Run is for busy parents who want to get better acquainted with God. These devotionals are short, simple, spiritual vitamins that will encourage readers to take action in their walk with God. Each study stays in the readerís heart throughout the day, providing direction and clarity when it is most needed. Just ten minutes a day creates a world of difference when we make room for God in our busy schedules.