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176 pages
May 2004
Regal Books

Darrell Waltrip One-on-One

by Darrell Waltrip & Jay Carty

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There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t recognize the name of Darrell Waltrip, the fast-tracking, wisecracking legend of NASCAR fame. He’s known as one of the greatest racecar drivers of all time—and one of the most controversial, too. Racing since the age of 12, Waltrip earned 84 NASCAR Winston Cup Victories before his final victory lap took him to his current role as a spokesman for NASCAR on Fox Television. Co-authoring the book with Darrell Waltrip is Jay Carty, who also made a name for himself in sports, excelling in basketball. Since that time, Carty entered the ministry, became a traveling pastor, and has written seven books.

Together they have authored Darrell Waltrip One-on-One, a book of 60 narrative devotions; each consists of an example from Darrell’s life, followed by a Biblical application written by Jay. Even if you don’t know the Winston Cup from the Stanley Cup, you’ll appreciate the candid, relaxed style of this legendary racecar driver, who slows down long enough to take us around some of the laps, and lapses, of his life. As his wife, Stevie, shares in the Foreword, “Darrell was so driven to accomplish self-imposed goals and acquire self-worth that he couldn’t feel or see the emptiness and futility of the path he’d chosen for himself.” Although he talks frankly about his marriage and family, he seems most at home when talking about his life on and around the racetrack. It’s all there—the winning strategies and the victories, as well as the wrecks and the tragedies—told in the distinct voice of Waltrip, “The Boogity Man,” himself.

As Waltrip begins his final lap, Jay Carty waves the checkered flag and ties it all together with an observation about his own life or a brief Scriptural perspective. While he does mention God’s forgiveness in Christ and that “we will never get to heaven on our own merit,” most of his themes center on decision-making and living the obedient life-- “getting in tune with Jesus.” Although the narrative devotions were an interesting look into the lives of Darrell Waltrip and Jay Carty, the clear message of the Gospel—what God has accomplished for us in Jesus Christ—was understated and lacking in many of the devotions. Since Christ has won the victory for us, then our faith is His victory—“the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” (NIV, Ephesians 2:8b,9) – Susan Hammond, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

One of NASCAR’s most controversial and exciting figures has opened up the pages of his life for readers everywhere! Darrell Waltrip One-on-One describes a life of simple faith in a turbulent circle of fame, controversy and fan mania. The natural storytelling abilities of both Darrell Waltrip and Jay Carty will keep readers enthralled through 60 refreshingly transparent narrative devotionals. This is a rare chance for both men and women, race-enthusiasts and rookies alike, to take an inspiring look at how God has shaped and impacted the life of a sports legend!