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256 pages
Jan 2005
Regal Books

The Divine Diet

by Carole Lewis & Jody Wilkinson

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The Divine Diet by Carole Lewis is sensible, spiritual, and very satisfying! The weight loss program outlined in this book uses a highly effective balance of body, mind, and spirit. The author wisely recognizes the interconnectedness of these areas and addresses them separately and as a whole. Yet, this book is not only about cutting calories. Instead, it looks at the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, which gives added significance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This reviewer was impressed with the flow of information presented. There was a perfect blending of nutritional facts, spiritual guidance, and emotional understanding. The author stresses that a person is more than the physical body, and then provides practical ways to include the spiritual and emotional side in the weight loss plan.

God is seen as the giver of all good things, which of course includes food. With that principle in mind, readers will see that certain foods do not need to be withheld from them, rather they just need to be eaten in moderation. Prayer and Scripture memorization make up a big part of this program. As the body adjusts to healthier food choices, so the mind needs to be trained in spiritually healthier thoughts. The result of this program is not only weight loss, but also a new beginning in abundant living.

A 30-day meal planner is included in the book, which realistically includes selections from fast food restaurants. Itís obvious to this reviewer that the author is living in the real world! Testimonials, with before and after photos, are included throughout these pages and serves as inspiration. Each chapter is filled with fascinating food facts and honest answers.

The Divine Diet is about losing weight and gaining life. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

I know what youíre going through. Iíve experienced the constant struggle to stop thinking about food and to just be satisfied with a reduced portion. For me, it was a battle fought daily and lost daily, breaking down my self-esteem and wrapping me in depression.

I do know what youíre going through, and I also know how you can stop the roller coaster and get off. You can take back control of your body and lose the weight that is dragging you down.

Dr. Jody Wilkinson and I wrote The Divine Diet to help you start losing weight and start experiencing a healthy lifestyle immediately. The concepts in this book have helped over a half million people lose weightóbut this book is not about dieting. The Divine Diet is about finding balance in every area of your life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. At no time will you be asked to avoid certain foods or to eat tiny portions in an attempt to starve the weight away. Like me, you will find out the four factors that will bless you with continued health for the rest of your life. With real steps to weight-loss success, an exercise plan, testimonies and appendixes on food choices, this book will enable you to take what you learn here and apply it for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Join us on an adventure that will change your life. I promise that you will never look back. I never have.