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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Dec 1969
Regal Books

Changing the World Through Kindness

by Steve Sjogren

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Don’t think the title of this book is an exaggeration. After reading these pages, this reviewer feels the author has outlined a dynamic strategy for reaching the world with the love of Christ. This explosive principle is easy to understand and can be practiced immediately. All it takes is a servant’s heart.

The words of Steve Sjogren are very persuasive because he lives this message. The book is filled with real-life accounts of using kindness to defeat the kingdom of darkness. Armed with a toilet brush and a humble spirit, he has gone into local businesses and offered to clean their bathrooms. His team of kindness warriors also feeds expired parking meters and delivers groceries to shut-ins. These surprising acts of love and caring create unparalleled opportunities to demonstrate the selfless spirit of the Gospel.

Every reader will be excited and inspired to put these ideas to work in their own spheres of influence. At the end of the book, there is a practical guide for starting servant warfare projects. Each activity is carefully explained and evaluated in terms of challenge, consequences, cost in time and money, and complications.

The author has a firm grasp on the reality of the spiritual world, and his plan of action is completely biblical. Readers will be motivated to get involved, simply because his creative suggestions are within everyone’s ability to perform. These ideas may be small and simple, yet they are packed with power. Steve Sjogren has clearly shown how kindness is the key that can unlock hearts and truly make a difference in this world. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When you think of spiritual warfare, what comes to mind? Stressed-out saints duking it out with demons? Mystical believers “seeing” things most of us can’t? According to author Steve Sjogren, not only are those images inaccurate but they also keep most of us from gaining the spiritual victories God wants us to enjoy.

Changing the World Through Kindness shows how every believer can fight the powers of darkness through the greater power of kindness. Using real-life stories to illustrate effective principles from the Word of God, Sjogren shows readers step-by-step how to live a life that will change them, their families, their neighborhoods and their churches—and eventually the world.