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240 pages
Feb 2005
Regal Books

Love Has a Price Tag

by Elisabeth Elliot

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And what is the price tag? Read these essays and the answer flows clear, grow ever closer to God, allow Him into the minutiae of everyday life, obey Him in the smallest details. With Bible and life fitting neatly into each other, Elisabeth Elliot considers a wide range of experiences, from whale song to jaunty Scotty dogs, from knee deep jungle mud to an annual school fair and a dreary hospital, from God’s take on femininity and masculinity to a husband and wife experiencing birth together. The first chapter ends with Martin Luther’s maxim, “Take life blithely, like birds and babies.” The last chapter presents a hard look at dedicating to the Lord all the work those blithe babies entail.

Well known author, teacher, raconteur, counselor, and Christian personality, Elizabeth Elliot puts her compendium mind to good use in these essays originally written for the Christian Herald. With an ear tuned to God’s guidance, Elliot refines her compositions with wit, authority, a love for words, and compassion. The appealing autobiographical Introduction sets the mood for this book. Love Has a Price Tag charms, commands, cajoles, and challenges the reader to live John Keeble’s 1822 advice:

If on our daily course our mind
Be set to hallow all we find,
New treasures still, of countless price,
God will provide for sacrifice.

Of interest to both women and men, simple enough for family reading, deep enough to engage students and pastors, this small book fits many categories, encourager and motivator, devotional, traveling companion, spare moment filler, homily source, gift. Be prepared to think, debate, chuckle, and cry as you consider the joy of heeding love’s price tag. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

God's Love Is Evident in All Things When We Open Our Hearts to See

In Elisabeth Elliot's collection of inspirational readings, she reveals what it means to live a life fully given to Christ. While the price of loving God requires that we take a moment to slow down and seek to follow His will in all things, we are greatly rewarded by the miracles that we begin to see in our lives and beyond. From a hospital in Georgia to a mission station in the Andes, from a seminary in Massachusetts to a secluded house in Jamaica, Elisabeth Elliot introduces us to people and places where simple faith has witnessed the power of God in the stuff of everyday living. Pay the price to wholeheartedly love and serve God, and discover the blessings of a life filled with wonder from the miraculous to the mundane.