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Gift Hardcover
144 pages
Dec 1969
Regal Books

For the Audience of One: Worshiping the One and Only in Everything You Do

by Mike Pilavachi

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For the Audience of One is a book on worship by Mike Pilavachi. For those who find worship elusive, this is an excellent primer. Reminding Christians of the reason we worship and instructing us on how to worship, Pilavachi does an excellent job of lifting up the King.

Founder and leader of Soul Survivor, Mike Pilavachi shares with sincerity and passion. With brief chapters on priorities, sacrifice, language, healing, holiness, intercession, spiritual warfare, and creativity as they relate to worship, this manual is a must read.

For those who are familiar with Vineyard worship values, this book is a comforting reminder of the basics. For those unfamiliar, it is an excellent and easy to read, scripturally-based guide to worshipping the Almighty. Pilavachi doesn’t hide his flaws or shortcomings which is refreshing.

This is a beginner’s worship guide, not in-depth conceptually. Pilavachi forgets to explain a dream he instructs readers to put on the back burner, which is quite a letdown as it is a very interesting dream. However, since this review is based on the unedited galley, perhaps the dream interpretation is in the actual book. The author’s no frills communication style is winsome and easy to digest. I highly recommend this book for any seeking to understand how to worship God. – Suzanne Rae Deshschidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

If you knew you had the power to give the Lord the one thing He most longs for, wouldn’t you give it to Him? He needs nothing from us, yet He longs for our hearts to worship Him alone. And why wouldn’t we do this? We were made for this. It is our reason for being! But sometimes we get lost in the “benefit”—the lifting of a heavy burden, the rush of joy we feel from His presence, sometimes even emotional and physical healing. What we must never forget is that worship is not for what we get out of it—it’s for God’s pleasure and for His glory!

Mike Pilavachi knows what it is to bask in the intimacy of true worship, a place where your relationship with God expresses itself like nowhere else. For the Audience of One is born out of Pilavachi’s years of personal experience, as well as Soul Survivor’s history of heartfelt worship. Learn more about worship and ultimately how to have a heart of worship in this uplifting and challenging book.