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Trade Paperback
200 pages
Apr 2005
Regal Books

Basic Training for Spiritual Combat: Taking Back the High Ground

by Jay Carty

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In Basic Training for Spiritual Combat by Jay Carty, readers learn to overcome areas in life where the devil has gained a foothold. It focuses on such specific struggles as controlling anger, resisting sexual temptation, and establishing God-honoring priorities. The author makes good use of humor, using it like seasoning in a dish, while still discerning when to be serious. There are plenty of illustrations, parables, examples, lessons from the Bible, and other helpful bits that make his major points easy to understand.

Whatís unique about this book is that itís not passive reading. Readers will find numerous agreements to make between themselves and God. There is, for example, a chapter titled, ďItís Time to Thump the Devilís Rump,Ē which contains prayers to pray that invoke the power of God, demolishing the strongholds the enemy has built in oneís mind. Those uncomfortable using a prayer that someone else has written, can still use these prayers as guides for original prayers. Occasionally the author advises to stop, put down the book, and pray over a certain matter. The writer wants to make sure that readers donít just blitz through his book, all the while neglecting the One who has the power to make the changes in your life.

Overall, the book was interesting and informative. Its only real weakness was the occasional use of innuendo and slang, which makes the book hard to understand in places. That said, anything significant is communicated clearly and with a bit of humor, making this a worthwhile book. The style is most appropriate for the ages of thirteen to thirty, but is still a great reading experience for anyone. -- Cameron Miller, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

There is a battle raging , and we are the objects of the fight between good and evil. Daily, the enemy attacks us with anger, immorality and priorities that push God out of the picture - but how do we fight an adversary that we can't see? When we choose to become aware of the battle, we can don protection and arm ourselves with the arsenal that God has given us. Learn why your prayers sometimes seem powerless, how you can resist temptation and how to be delivered from the bondage to sin.