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Trade Paperback
182 pages
Aug 2006
Regal Books

Before We Kill And Eat You: Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death

by H.B. Garlock with Ruthanne Garlock

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Before We Kill and Eat You, by H. B. Garlock with his daughter-in-law Ruthanne Garlock, tells the story of Henry and Ruth Garlock's pioneering Pentecostal missionary work in Liberia in the early twentieth century. This updated edition is the type of missionary account that many of us associate with missionaries of the past, complete with cannibals, diseases, hardships, and miracles.

Henry Garlock and Ruth Trotter met while he was rooming with her brother in college. They married in Liberia, the white man's graveyard, and their wedding trip included traversing flooded crocodile-infested rivers. God blessed their work with the Africans, though at least one of Henry's invitations to dinner was as the main course. Illness brought them home to the United States for several years.

The authors tell a moving, inspirational story which is exciting, straightforward, and sometimes draws tears. Some authors, when describing Godís powerful work, make themselves sound great, but the Garlocks do not. Their crediting God comes across in a humble, sometimes almost stunned, manner. Also, they admire many of the African people's virtues, courage, and stamina though they do not soft-soap the evils they encounter.

The book includes photos, a map, and a place index. It would make good reading for young teens through adults. Though it includes some speaking in tongues which may bother some denominations, the miraculous accounts ring of sincerity and truth.ó Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In a land called "the white man's grave," the only insurance against malaria, cannibals and death was faith in God...

"[The Pahn warriors] made a mad rush toward me with drawn knives, shouting 'Kill him. Kill him!' The leader lunged at me with his cutlass raised to behead me. When it seemed the end had come and my head was about to be severed from my body, I closed my eyes and committed myself to God, repeating over and over again the one name that is above every name, 'JESUS, JESUS!' Suddenly there was a deathlike stillness."