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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Dec 1969
Regal Books

Beautiful: How to Be a Beautiful Woman of God in a Cosmetic World

by Beth Redman

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In her book Beautiful: How to Be a Woman of God, Beth Redman addresses the bedrock yearnings that occupy many Christian womenís souls and minds: to be wanted, to feel beautiful, and to feel a sense of self purpose. She seeks to make women more able to realize Godís full plan for them, and to be able to recognize and accept His love. Redmanís stand on this is gracious, not accusatory, and aimed at helping those who feel unhappy and helpless to find fulfillment.

To address the needs women have, Beautiful is arranged as a series of wants, each chapter discussing a different desire. To be beautiful and to be uncomplicated are two of those desires. As each is examined, Redman uses illustrations from her life and the lives and careers of her friends as specific examples of Godís ability to meet needs. The stories are genuine. She tells them in a sensitive manner with the experience to know how painful the episodes were.

Beth Redmanís empathetic outreach, sympathetic style of counseling and teaching, and her use of reality-based examples all work to bring a personal touch to Beautiful, a scrutinizing look at feminine fulfillment. The approach is gentle, making it very effective for sensitive women looking for God. Anyone who wants to understand women better would gain valuable insights from this book; women searching for assurance of their own inner beauty and usefulness will enjoy it and find it both functional and uplifting. Ė Linette Yoder, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

ďWhatís wrong with me?Ē you ask. Maybe youíve bought into the cultural lie that the right clothes, cosmetics and a lavish lifestyle will make you happy. If you just were a little bit thinner, richer, prettier...

Hold the liposuction! Put down that celebrity magazine. Thereís a better way. Learn how to take off the old self and become new. Listen to the wise words of Beth Redman, who speaks the truth about what makes a woman truly beautiful! Itís time to resolve the past and break the destructive patterns that hold you in bondage from becoming the woman God wants you to be. Let go of pain, fear and disappointment. Learn why insecurity, unforgiveness, jealousy and gossip keep you from reflecting Christ. And those kinds of attitudes totally affect the way you look! Through compelling personal stories and Scripture, Beth will help you gain confidence that you are wanted, cherished and loved by God. He has a special plan for your life. You can be beautiful in the way that counts! Get started today.