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Trade Paperback
121 pages
Oct 2006
Regal Books

Lies We Tell Ourselves

by Greg Laurie

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As good, faithful Christian men and women, we would never lie to anyone, would we? Hopefully not, but according to Greg Laurie, the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, we seem to have less of a problem telling a lie to ourselves. Maybe we prefer to call them excuses or justifications, but the result is still the same – we give in to temptations and suffer the resulting consequences.

In Lies We Tell Ourselves: How to Say No to Temptation and Put an End to Compromise, Laurie challenges his readers to take a closer look at how they tend to give in to temptation through rationalization and compromise when dealing with certain harmful behaviors. Although the cover displays a slice of pie dripping with chocolate and cherries, Laurie doesn’t focus only on dieting, but applies his thoughts to any area of life.

Laurie points out that although temptation can come at any time, it frequently comes after a time of great blessing or when Christians have asked God to use them to make a difference in His kingdom. He explains how Jesus dealt with his times of temptation, particularly during his forty days in the wilderness being tested by Satan.

The author provides helpful guidelines to effectively combat temptation and gives encouragement to overcome it. The chapters are short so the reader doesn’t get bogged down in deep theological studies, which suits the topic well. The questions at the end of each chapter are well-designed to focus the reader on the subject. – Jeff Friend, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

I know it's wrong...but everybody is doing it. I'll quit tomorrow. It's not my fault!

I can't help it; I've been under so much stress...

I deserve this.

Sound familiar? We often tell a little white lie and then wonder why we were tempted to do something wrong. We don't recognize that the lies we tell ourselves often lead to sinful behavior.

Here, dynamic pastor Greg Laurie takes an honest and often humorous look at the ways we fall into sin and how we frequently rationalize our actions. Drawing from the pages of Scriptures and his own experiences, he shares practical steps you can take to effectively resist temptation and put an end to the compromises that will ultimately harm you. Discover how telling the truth will change your life!