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Trade Paperback
186 pages
Sep 2006
Regal Books

The Beauty of Aging

by Karen O'Connor

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Karen O'Connor has written over 50 books, including Squeeze The Moment and Help Lord!  I'm Having A Senior Moment, both of which focus on aspects of aging. Having been born in 1938, she is living what she advocates to other senior moment individuals, and I happen to be one of them, edging towards the 62 mark this year.

Mrs. O'Connor has divided this book into seven sections of Faith, Family, Friends, Food, Fitness, Finances, and Fun. Each of these subjects she supports with six clarifying explanations, ending with how to put them into perspective with grace, gratitude, and grit.  She identifies the above as better ways to face the aging process as God intended, rather than as a grimalkin, grouch, or greenhorn (these three are my take).  Obviously, the author has experienced much in her 69 years to grant her the wisdom and wit she pens in her gracious understanding of growing older.

Such subtopics as "Row, Row, Row Your Own Boat,"  "Oxygen for the Soul," "Just Desserts," "Stay-at-Home Vacations," "Daffodilly," and "The Good New Days," should give readers over 50 an avid interest in opening this book and perusing it for a deeper understanding of where they are as senior citizens and where they hope to be.  

The author has set the scene for an easier transition to accepting what God has had in mind for us all along--to be grizzled, gracious, and groovy in our process of aging, despite the hype for everlasting youth. Sharon I. Rideout, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

So what if you're getting older? It beats the alternative, doesn't it? Karen O'Connor thinks so! With down-to-earth wisdom and a good dose of hilarity, she invites you to embrace the second half of life with grace, gratitude and grit. Sure there are downsides to getting older - the gray hair, the creaky knees, the thickening waistlines and the blessings and burdens of the empty nest. But there are plenty of opportunities to make your upcoming years the best part of life! Karen explores seven areas of getting older: Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fitness, Food and Fun. Her stories are nostalgic, side-splittingly funny and deeply vulnerable. You'll be encouraged you as you learn to make the most of the aging process, and learn how to age in a way that is both balanced and beautiful!